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Comments by YACCS
Sunday, January 07, 2007

You get what you deserve

The moronosphere has used this picture to
claim no soldiers would eat with John Kerry
in Iraq

Using the magic of Photoshop levels, the
picture is lightened up and shows Kerry
talking to at least one person. Later,
it was discovered that Kerry was having
an off the record conversation with two
Times reporters.

The moronopshere also claimed the first picture
was taken in Iraq when was taken at a US
Air Force base in England

If people weren't risking their lives, I would find the rightblog war on the AP funny as shit.

Wolcott has a phrase "these people could fuck up a baked potato". Actually, that's pretty easy. The right blogs could fuck up a free blow job at the Bunny Ranch.

What has amazed me over the last year is that no one has noticed that the right blogs are shrinking in both power and influence. Because, let's face it, Malkin writes for shit, Instacracker is a coward who won't stand behind the ideas he pushes, Red State is filled with children who think Johnny Rebel is funny, and LGF is one poster's fake anthrax mailing's arrest from being Stormfront in green.

Confederate Yankee. I have to admit, I loved the sheer stupidity of that name. But he too, writes like a consitpated monkey.

What I find amusing is that these cretins try to sound so smart, as if they understand things better than you do.

Which is why Ass Clown Media's citizen journalism is so fucking moronic. They have no fucking clue what journalism is, it isn't fact checking articles from a desk. It isn't trying to catch the AP in a lie and then jumping up and down about it.

First of all, journalism is listening to the fact of the situation before making a judgement. As a contest, I'd like to see the last five books Michelle Malkin read. If they had anything to do with objective fact, I'd shit in a litter box. They enhance their stupidity by have a closed loop of ideas. They feed on each other's flimsy ideas and then cheer each other on.

Take that pathetic Jamil Hussein story. The right believes their own bullshit. They think the AP is lying about the war in Iraq. So they concentrate all their tiny brainpower on this one idea, the AP made this guy up to claim six Iraqis were burned alive.

And missed the point completely.

First of all, if the AP reported every gruesome fact they knew about Iraq, you would be vomiting your latte up with the morning news. Second, as I said to Dave Neiwart, who runs Orcinus, the real story was about the power of the Mahdi Army to go on a rampage and not be stopped. Not
if people got burnt up, which considering that the average murder in Iraq these days has power tools involved, is hardly in the realm of fantasy.

Which is why I was amused/horrified by Girl Reporter Malkin's trip to Iraq. What the fuck did she think she was going to be up to in the sandbox. A lot of people sneered and said, "oh, she'll be embedded". Even so, Iraq is one dangerous fucking place. She wanted to interview people in the street. Well, I want to be a smoke jumper, but without training, it's pretty much murder/suicide. Malkin is like one of those idiots who goes to the zoo and tries to pet a panda, only to get dragged in the cage and swatted about like a pull toy. She thinks the world is made up of people who say tough things and the liberals who are always wrong. In Iraq, the world is made up of people who have guns and those who die.

But it's more than that, their blogs, often commentless, are a circle jerk of support. One pinhead says something the other pinheads like and it's take the pinheads bowling night. Flopping Ears and Klanfederate Moron think this is a good idea, and so do I. And then they start pestering people with their cretinous ideas. The AP is lying, soldiers hate John Kerry. They create this world because they can't deal with the real one.

The more illogical the right becomes, the more they turn into a circus freak show. While left bloggers raise money and help campaigns, the right makes more and more outlandish claims, which then embarasses them. People only give them credibility out of the reflex that any drivel from the right has to be taken seriously

posted by Steve @ 8:27:00 AM

8:27:00 AM

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