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Comments by YACCS
Friday, January 12, 2007

Bush will lose the country

I haven't really had much to say about Bush, lately, reposting the thoughts of others. Because to be honest, I've said this from 2003 and seeing it play out like some horrible dream is no shock.

Even the threats about Iran have been on DK for six months.

But I think Wednesday's speech scared the shit out of a lot of people. If he had left Iran out of it, well, it would have just sucked. But that extra bit of neocon wingnuttery, attack Iran for no clear reason? Well, that made a few people shit their pants.

What our foul, corrupt punditocracy misses is that Bush is losing the people who went along. He may keep 25 percent, but as this goes on, and Odierno and Petraeus recreate the DeLattre Line in Baghdad, and the casualities mount, the people who vote against escalation today, will be voting for impeachment tomorrow.

Bush refuses to listen or alter his plans, even when they fail. Trying to scare Iran after they've had four years to plan how to fuck US troops over with as few fingerprints as possible is just stupid. What if Sistani just says fuck it and calls for a jihad against the US? That is a card he does not want to play, but he isn't going to let Bush bomb Qom either. Bush and his team are simpletons. Sistani will protect Shia Islam, at any price.

It's not like they can send a 500lb bomb through his door.

Too many people think we control events in Iraq. I want to smack Odierno when he says it will take years. I wanted to punch some idiot babling about moving US troops to Kurdistan? As if the Turks will allow them to resupply. We control nothing.

Bush is in this mess because Rove has always acted as if they were the majority. Now that they are not, Rice sounds like a simpleton. Hagel was PISSED today.

A couple of years ago, Larry Eagleburger said, long time GOP factorum Eagleburger said, if Bush moves on Iran, it will be time for impeachment.

When you look at the plan itself, it's fucking insane.

The idea of housing US and Iraqi troops in the same buildings may seem like a good idea, until the frags start flying and the Mahdi Army makes their 3 AM attack. If you're lucky, the frags won't be coming from inside.

27 strongpoints for guerrillas to mortar every night. Jesus. I think if the day comes when Sistani or even Sadr says it's on, a lot of Americans are gonna die in their own bases.

But, in the end, I think America has had enough. Sending the Guard back is an insane political mistake. Two tours for part-time solders?

ABC's Erin Hayes is an especially stupid woman. She interviews soldiers wives and gets vague answers. Duh. Their husband's careers would be ruined if they told the truth. God, interview some anonymously and see what they say. This is destroying families. They know people getting divorces, the fucked up discharges. And they will never tell you the truth unless you protect them.

However, I think Bush will lose the country, and eventually leave in disgrace because his plan will fail. It will fail badly and bloodily and he will be exposed as the weak little man he is and we will not have long to wait.

posted by Steve @ 2:27:00 AM

2:27:00 AM

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