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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Where I've Been--Bad Problem with Haloscan at the Office

Not Me

Hello, all. Jen here. Just an FYI--if you've missed me in the comments, it's because for whatever reason, Haloscan is now fucking up my ability to even read the Blog during my brief breaks at the office, nevermind post.

Regardless of browser or my Javascript/Java settings, or my permissions, The News Blog either does not load at all, loads improperly (no comments numbers showing at the bottom of the post), or nothing happens when I click a comment link.

Once in a blue moon a comments window will load, but not all the way. If the godz smile upon me and the whole fucking comments section loads, any effort on my part to post won't.

I know I'm not the only person who thinks Haloscan sucks--and yes, it definitley has something to do with my work network. Unfortunatley, we can't install new stuff on our machines at work--admin lockdown--and can't tweak network settings too much. OTOH I DO have both IE and Firefox installed, and it suddenly seems to work on neither.

Heck, even trying to load the Haloscan homepage is slow or impossible.

So, until further notice, you may not see a whole lot of me unless something changes at work and/or we move to a non-Haloscan comment option (hint, hint--hey Gilly tons of other blog options work just fine on my box at work...suggestions in the comments, folks, please...).

Happy Holidaze,


PS and FUCK BLOGGER. Can't get this text to appear directly under the photo. Fuck it.

Fixed the photo.

If people have suggestions for a non-haloscan option with the ability to pull comments and IP blocking, I would certainly consider them.

However, Haloscan and Blogger are seperate programs and one shouldn't affect the other in terms of being seen. It might also be a popup-firewall issue as well.

I killed the Gravitars, not that I much liked them anyway. Let's see if that solves the problem.

posted by Jenonymous @ 11:20:00 AM

11:20:00 AM

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