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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, December 14, 2006

George, we need to talk

Victory for me, death for you

It's time for an intervention with the president

The White House

James Baker sees the president alone

J: Mr. President, we need to talk

G: I read your report

J: And?

G: Well, we're moving in a different direction

J: Do you mind if I speak plainly?

G: Sure

J: Listen, you spoiled little twat, we wrote that report to cover your ass. Not for you to toss it back in our faces......don't say a fucking word....and now you think you're gonna win your war?

Let me tell you what is going to happen. Good men, men better than you'll ever be, will walk into Sadr City and die. Why? Because they can't beat crazy people defending their homes. You've never seen a man die in your arms. Which is why you can do this.

But it gets better. You fail to knock off Sadr and you didn't kill Saddam, despite bombing people out of their homes, you don't kill him, he's gonna run the country and launch a civil war for real, which might suck everyone in. The Saudis are shitting their britches over this.

But it gets worse. You worried about your legacy? You launch this insane attack, they will mention you in the same breath as Nixon, because you're gonna end up the same way, resigned and disgraced.

G: I have an apppointment

J: Bullshit, but let me leave you with this: if you fail, and you will, your legacy will make Nixon look like a great man.

posted by Steve @ 1:10:00 AM

1:10:00 AM

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