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Thursday, December 28, 2006

The bleeting of cowards

No Rotweiliers need apply
Religion of Peace

The most holy Emperor Misha I, who features a crusader's cross on his website, reacts to the Ethiopian invasion of Somalia:

Splendid! And when you get there, please feel free to level the entire piss hole of a "city", then cover it in gasoline and set it on fire. And don't bother being too meticulous about killing the inhabitants first. Let them crackle, hiss and sizzle while the rest of us laugh ourselves silly.


As is always the case whenever the followers of Mohammed the Pedophile are getting butchered. I'd suggest strapping the diplomats to the outside of your tanks, then finding a nearby building to run over. Or, better still, strap them to the exhaust grill. Nothing smells quite as wonderful as a set of striped pants on fire while the worthless bag of skin inside screams himself to death.

If this useless piece of shit was in a hospital, he'd faint. Forget the little scene of dead black people he's conjured up.

Who is he trying to impress with this tough talk? His fellow chickenhawks? If he'd ever seen anything like this in real life, he'd go mad.

Does it make him feel like a man to write such nonsense. People who see these things usually wind up with PTSD. But, hey, if it helps another cheetos sucking slob feel like a man, write away. It's not like you can afford a Corvette

posted by Steve @ 10:14:00 AM

10:14:00 AM

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