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Monday, November 13, 2006

Why I'm betting against Cheney

You're leaving

Dick Cheney's greatest gambit was that he would be an acceptable vice president to the Bush family. For some reason, he was.

But six years later, as daddy's rescue team launches, the odd man out is Cheney. He asked Bush to keep Rummy on, but that was not to be.

During those six years, Cheney's wishes were filled without question or pause. So much so, he was called President Cheney. In reality, he was playing the role of prime minister. Which the American system doesn't tolerate for long.

Cheney is going to be isolated and rebuffed. Like Falstaff, he has served his purpose for Prince Hal. Now, he must leave the scene. He can sit in his office or he can admit to being ill and leave the mess behind.

Why do I think Cheney may leave. First, I don't think he's healthy. He's fallen asleep in public. Second, his role is about to be reduced. Greatly.

So, it may be time, after a suitable period, to admit to his illness and retire.

Watch to see who leaves the White House and who replaces them. If they're all Poppy Bush men, then Cheney's stay is coming to an end.

posted by Steve @ 1:08:00 AM

1:08:00 AM

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