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Monday, November 13, 2006

The Vichyites want Hoyer

We say Hoyer, comrades

Hoyer for Leader*

The Moose endorses Steny.

The Moose has long admired Steny Hoyer. He represents the Truman/JFK/Scoop tradition in the party of a strong national defense and progressive social policy. He is an effective spokesman for the vital center that his party is attempting to seize.

Steny Hoyer should become the donkey's House Majority Leader. He is being challenged by John Murtha who has become the darling of the anti-war left in the House and nationally. While Murtha is a patriot, he now represents the old guard of ideological polarazation. A Murtha victory would be viewed by the media as a triumph for the left. It would be welcomed by the right which is desperately looking for some good news.

This should also concern the Democrats - today's Washington Post,

"Hoyer also has the strong support of many of the party's conservative "Blue Dog" Democrats, who worry about Murtha's involvement in the Abscam bribery sting in 1980 and what they see as his freewheeling style on the House Appropriations Committee, where he has openly advocated for the interests of his district and his political supporters."

Most importantly, Steny has earned the position of Majority Leader. As an opposition leader, Steny was a reasoned, articulate, media savvy voice for the Democratic caucus and played a major role in last Tuesday's triumph.

If the donkey is to be successful in their new majority status, they must prove to the country that they will govern as centrists. By electing Steny Hoyer as their Majority Leader, the Democratic caucus will send a powerful message to the country, that they are seizing the middle.

Stick with Steny.
Of course, Murtha is a conservative Dem, but why let facts get in the way.

posted by Steve @ 6:30:00 PM

6:30:00 PM

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