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Comments by YACCS
Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Simple questions, simple answers

What is the goal of Iraq's politicians

To run Iraq, all of Iraq.

Do they have any incentive to negotiate a shared power agreement?

Did the Sunnis, since the end of the Ottoman Empire, negotiate a shared power agreement with the Shia?

Why won't the Shia share?

Because they feel cheated. They were the majority, yet they never got the resources.

What will the Shia do?

Eventually, kill enough Sunnis and Kurds to control Iraq.

Why can't the government stop this?

Uh, the government is doing this. Well, the militias who actually run the government.

Can't they stop the militias?

That's like asking Steve Jobs to stop making his employees sell iPods.

Doesn't the government have any power?

No. Power in Iraq comes from the barrel of a gun and the militias control the gun.

Can't the US bring order?



Too many enemies, not enough friends, too few troops and no hope of getting many more.

Do people know this?

Yes, except in one place, the Oval Office.


Because our president has failed his entire life, and is not exactly living in the real world. He's trying to avoid failing one last time, by getting Americans killed.

Will it work?

Notice the muhajadin in Afghanistan? The red star flag of Vietnam? Well, the locals won and the invaders left humbled. No it won't work and only the President refuses to admit that.


Because he's a "dry" drunk failure and this would ruin him. He's never had the ability to face up to his failures and his daddy has saved him, and here he is again.

posted by Steve @ 12:30:00 AM

12:30:00 AM

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