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Comments by YACCS
Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Post-election weirdness

If you've seen the right blogs lately, you would think Osama was doing a jig on the White House Lawn and Bush saw seen fleeing to Canada to lead the resistance. I've never seen such deranged bed shitting in my life.

But then Bush set the stage for this by claiming that the Dems were going to let Osama escape.

It would be funny, if it wasn't so corrosive for our democracy. Bush took Gingrich's demonization strategy and then turned it into psuedo-treason. It is beyond vile to suggest the opposition would surrender to an enemy, but Bush and Cheney did it and many of their cultists fell for that nonsense.

But their insanity isn't the only one to hit the beltway lately

After not lifting a finger to help, the DLC crowd talks about a wave of conservative Dems. Which is really their way of rehabilitating their failed strategy. So you get Carville attacking Dean and calling for his replacement, which he doesn't realize is quickly making him enemies among the base.

Chuck Schumer graciously goes on Kos to thank people and doesn't slam Dean, but the DLC crowd, in a week, swiftboat Jack Murtha, attack Howard Dean, and try to downplay the role of citizen activists. Acting as if they had anything to do with the victories.

Carville goes on TV today and says Dean cost them seats.

Dean is trying not to piss off the Clintonistas, but the idea that Dean, the most popular DNC head ever, can be fired, after a record of success, is amusing.

These are the same people who fought Dean's 50 state strategy all the way. Now, they want to claim credit.

I think, one day soon, they're gonna wake up and realize that they're the losers here.

posted by Steve @ 3:46:00 PM

3:46:00 PM

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