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Comments by YACCS
Monday, November 13, 2006

Except for the fact that he's an idiot.........

I'll bite you if he doesn't get
the job

Steele Confirms RNC Interest

Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele (R) confirmed Sunday that he is interested in replacing Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman.

"We're looking at it, having not had any serious conversations as of yet," Steele said during an appearance on C-Span's Washington Journal. He added that his experience as a Senate candidate against Rep. Ben Cardin (D) this year confirmed that "it's time for the party to rethink its views, how we move forward, how we position ourselves."

Steele ran an effective campaign as a change agent against the longtime legislator Cardin, but was ultimately unable to overcome both the Democratic nature of Maryland and the strongly Democratic national political atmosphere.

Mehlman, who announced he would not return to the RNC late last week, made outreach to the black community one of the hallmarks of his time at the RNC, and Steele, who is African American, would make a logical successor to continue that effort.

In that vein, Steele decried the GOP's so-called "southern strategy" -- the use of hot-button racial issues to lure southern white voters to the Republican Party -- a tactic first employed by President Richard Nixon in 1968. "It has been a continual process since 1992 of the breakdown of that southern strategy and what has to happen is our party, like the Democrat party, not only has to stand for ideas, it also has to stand on principle, and it has to put into action things that touch the people of this country in a real way," said Steele. (Mehlman, too, has repudiated the southern strategy.)

Other names being mentioned for the RNC post are Mary Matalin, a former senior adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney, and Maria Cino, a longtime RNC operative.

Steele is a fucking idiot. He lost in a landslide.

But he likes women, so that could help.

Remember, this is the man who let Mike Tyson endorse him.

posted by Steve @ 11:41:00 AM

11:41:00 AM

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