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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The war continues

Tragic Days
by georgia10

Seventeen Americans killed in three days:

BAGHDAD (AFP) - At least 17 US soldiers have been killed around Iraq since Saturday, including eight in a single day in Baghdad, the US military announced, saying the toll had brought "a tragic day".

The toll represents a dramatic spike for US casualties in Iraq which generally average no more than a couple of wounded a day, especially for the Baghdad-based forces.

"I don't have any comparative figures," said Lieutenant Colonel Barry Johnson, who declined to say whether the toll was an increase. "We have tragic days and this was a tragic day."

Every day is a tragic day in Iraq.

In other Iraq news, the verdict in Saddam Hussein's trial is being postponed (it was to be made public on Oct. 16).

Fifty-one civilians were killed when a suicide bomber attacked a fish market. This death toll is in addition to the dozens of bullet-ridden/burned/tortured bodies that have become the daily reality in Baghdad.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who is under intense pressure to completely abandon his current cabinet, has drafted a new plan to address the civil war. Nice to know that at least politicians there are trying to devise a plan to stop the bloodshed. Mr. President? We're waiting....

Also, a new CNN poll reveals that 61% of Americans oppose the war in Iraq, and a full 58% believe the President is misleading the country about the situation there.

posted by Steve @ 12:18:00 AM

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