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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Suicide Pact

They knew it was sinking

Anyone who considered the GOP invincible, Karl Rove a genius, should beg for forgiveness. October Surprise? You betcha.

How disasterous is this mess? The Iranians can breathe easier. No way in hell Bush could ramp up support for a war now. Between that and State of Denial, Bush has no support for his Iranian adventure.


Who would trust the GOP now?

This is everything wrong with the GOP in one easy to understand lesson. Instead of dealing with a known child predator, they let it fester and boil until it erupted. And when exposed, what do they do? Blame everyone under the sun but themselves.

Look, child sex predators camoflauge themselves by being great guys, always friendly, always willing to help. Because that's how they seperate the herd. Foley wasn't stupid, kids with strong parental ties, overtly heterosexual, not willing to bite for his flattery were excluded. But those who responded, were going to get the treatment, flattery, special treats, attention.

Look, we all do it, but with adults, in my case adult females. But the difference here is this: when Foley came on to these kids, he wasn't approaching them for sex straight up. It wasn't like he was in a bar and talked dirty to them. He used his position to groom them, to prepare them to have sex with him over time. Which is why he contacted them after their page duties.

They were isolated, he had already established his reputation as a "good guy" and could leverage that.

Like a lion hunting gazelle, he waited for one to wander off, then he struck. He was doing this as soon as he got into Congress.

Hastert and friends made some shitty choices early on, the worst of which, not talking to a professional. They thought they could handle it in house. Yeah, like a lion. You can make it a pet, but it's still gonna hunt. No matter what promise they got from Foley, the issue would have arisen again. Because he hunts teen boys. Even if they were 18 at the time of his predatory assault, he was grooming them long beforehand.

He even used his boyfriend as cover. While it was known he had one, he obviously spent a lot of time chasing young men.

The House leadership has made a suicide pact with Foley without even realizing it. I think he's clearly gone beyond dirty e-mails and IM with kids. He could talk dirty anonymously. No, he was grooming his future bedmates.

See, if they had reacted and said "wow, he's a sick bastard and misled us all", they might have pulled it off. But when Drudge blamed the kids, well, fuck, that was that. How many women recoiled when they heard it. Then Katherine Harris blamed the Dems for withholding this. Who the fuck is she kidding? The Dems would have used this in a heartbeat months ago.

But by trying to defend themselves, when Foley's teen sex partners appear and the odds are heavy on there being some, they are sunk. Because people just see those who would defend child sex predators and that's no place you ever want to be. The GOP won't be worrying about 15 seats but 40. Chris Shays is down by five and that means no help for Joe, no bodies either. And now that he thinks child sex predator protection is a partisan issue, don't expect too many women to be working for him. You can argue about abortion, but pedophilia?

The whole thing here is tone deafness. This is intolerable behavior, people are in jail and dead behind being molested. It is a personal agony for people from all ages and classes, some so secret that not even their spouses or parents know. Others, it's a cause, like with Oprah. But they all share the same pain and feel the same anger at seeing fat old men like Reynolds and Hastert protect their friend, the predator.

I've a man, I've never been molested, and I get this. I get this clearly. Bush doesn't get, Rove doesn't get it, and the Congress doesn't get it. This is personal for a lot more people than Vietnam was. As we're all going to find out.

posted by Steve @ 4:30:00 AM

4:30:00 AM

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