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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Pathetic enabler Lieberman racebaits again

I have a real problem with Sharpton. He
isn't laughing hard enough

Lieberman Assails Lamont Over Commitment to Israel

Published: October 5, 2006

Senator Joseph I. Lieberman questioned his opponent’s commitment to Israel at a fund-raiser in Manhattan yesterday, saying he had received important support from several Democrats who have been critical of Israel.

Speaking to a largely Jewish group of a few dozen supporters, Mr. Lieberman said that Ned Lamont, who defeated him in the Democratic primary, had been “surrounded by people who are either naïve or are isolationists or, frankly, some more explicitly against Israel.”

Mr. Lieberman, who is running on his own party line, pointed to Representative Maxine Waters, a Democrat from Los Angeles, who campaigned for Mr. Lamont during the primary. This summer, Ms. Waters was one of a dozen Democrats who did not vote in favor of a resolution condemning Hezbollah for attacking Israel during the war in Lebanon.

Ms. Waters, who abstained from the vote, said she objected to some language in the resolution praising the Bush administration.

Mr. Lamont has said he would have backed the measure.

“So far I would say my opponent is saying basically a pro-Israel line,” Mr. Lieberman said at the fund-raiser. “But look, the position he’s taking on Iraq is not good for America and not good for the Middle East. Secondly, you know to some extent you’ve got to judge people by their friends. I’m glad to be judged by my friends like Ed Koch and all of you.”

He was referring to former Mayor Edward I. Koch of New York City, who appeared alongside Mr. Lieberman yesterday at the breakfast fund-raiser, held at the Loews Regency Hotel, at Park Avenue and 61st Street, after campaigning with him on Tuesday.

In his remarks, Mr. Lieberman also recalled the appearance of the Rev. Al Sharpton at Mr. Lamont’s side on primary night, calling it “a remarkable moment.”

Since primary night, Mr. Lieberman and his aides have repeatedly raised questions about Mr. Lamont’s alliance with Mr. Sharpton, whom they have described as divisive. Mr. Lieberman, however, has been on friendly terms with Mr. Sharpton in the past, particularly when the two ran for the most recent Democratic presidential nomination. This summer, Mr. Lieberman also asked Mr. Sharpton not to campaign for Mr. Lamont.

Tom Swan, Mr. Lamont’s campaign manager, said that Mr. Lieberman’s campaign was playing “racial politics.”

Lieberman racebaits again, and then defends the protector of child sex predator Mark Foley. I never knew child sex predation was a partisan issue. Disgusting all the way around. Going with racebaiter Ed Koch to attack Lamont. First, he's a racist, then he's too close to those dangerous negroes, which is it, soon-to-be-ex Senator Lieberman?

posted by Steve @ 12:34:00 AM

12:34:00 AM

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