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Comments by YACCS
Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Vote for Steele, I can't

If the White House hadn't tossed this race in the dustbin, Karl Rove would be calling Steele the stupidest motherfucker on the planet.

Even the homies think Mike Tyson is batshit crazy. He tattooed his face. Most tattoo artists won't even do that shit.

I mean, Tyson would scare the shit out of Carmelo Anthony's homies. He fucking ate Evander Holyfield's ear.

So, you're running for Senate and need the votes of white Republicans? What do you do?

You compare stem cell research to the Holocaust in front of a Jewish audience of Holocaust survivors.

You court so many wingnuts, even evangelicals think you're scary.

Or you court a convicted rapist who thinks beating women in public for money would be
"for fun".

You know why I haven't had to photoshop pictures of Steele since last year?

Because of shit like this. He can whine that bullshit about me working for the Dems all he wants, but on God's green earth, I would have NEVER thought of putting Mike Tyson in a Steele shirt. He's getting the endorsement of a convicted rapist. I know he married his sister, but come on, Tyson scares criminals, forget honest people. When you have such rich materials like this, why create fiction.

If Cardin was in a tight race against a not stupid opponent, and Steele is one of the dumbest people in American politics after this stunt, door knockers of Steele and Tyson would be all over the DC burbs. White women jump when they see black teenagers. Shit, imagine the milage Cardin could get with this?

"Look at Steele's friend Mike Tyson. He's a convicted felon. Says a lot about Michael Steele's judgement. "

But what is totally infuriating is the contempt he has for the black intellect. Mike Tyson hasn't been anyone's hero in a long, long time. In fact, his pathologies scare a lot of people. And the GOP tosses yet another criminal in our faces as a indicator of black achievement.

Where is the black GOP Barack Obama or even Harold Ford? They don't fucking exist, because while the GOP allows a quick route up, people of character usually avoid them. Blackwell, Swann and Steele are an embarassment to politics. They could never be as inept as they are and survive Democratic politics.

A senatorial candidate let Mike Tyson endorse him.

I thought I had seen everything.

I obviously haven't.

posted by Steve @ 1:59:00 AM

1:59:00 AM

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