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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Not getting it

Ah, America's cesspool

Future schlock

It's insane that midterm elections
could turn on Foley scandal

The saying that "history turns on little hinges" is a recognition that petty and personal issues often produce earth-shaking events. And there is no smaller hinge than Mark Foley's creepy e-mails.

The uproar over the former GOP congressman's lecherous behavior toward male pages is turning Washington inside out and upside down. The town that usually sees no evil has suddenly found it under every rock. The frenzy is rich with ironic comeuppance, as Democrats engage in a gay witch hunt and Republicans demand criminal probes of themselves. It's almost enough to make you forget Iraq.

And there is the problem. The temptation is to be distracted by, and even enjoy, the unusual spectacle of members of Congress actually worrying about what ordinary Americans think of them.

Yet good sense compels the conclusion that we are verging on too much of a good thing. It's not just that, once again, our obsession with sex makes us a laughingstock to the world. It's about whether we really want Foley's behavior to be the deciding factor in who wins the midterm elections, and thus controls Congress. And controls tax policy and judgeships and the war on terror and ... you name it.

I sure don't, and it's not because I believe Republicans have done such a swell job of running everything. With control of the White House and Congress, the GOP has made a mess and deserves a good beat-down. Having Democrats responsible for something other than second-guessing could help put the checks back in checks and balances. Mixed government proved its virtues in the mid-'90s, after Republicans swept the '94 congressional elections and forced Bill Clinton to be a more centrist President.

So I'm all for throwing the bums out. I just don't want to do it because Foley had a sick thing for young boys and nobody in power blew the whistle. I felt the same way about Clinton and Monica. Impeachment wasn't the answer. Censure and ridicule were.
I doubt the Daily News readers will think protecting a child sex predator is the same as sleeping with a 22 year old woman.

No one is conducting a gay witch hunt. Foley is a child sex predator. Being gay has nothing to do with it.

If a government cannot perform its most basic function, then why should it remain in power? Protecting the children in their care is a basic function. They repeatedly turned their backs when asked to do something.

That's a very good reason to lose one's job.

posted by Steve @ 2:45:00 PM

2:45:00 PM

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