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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More Green silliness

I love unicorns, I vote Green, I suffer from

MD Greens Helping Michael Steele
by leeroxxor

On a widely read political website, Alex Zeese, son of third party U.S. Senate candidate Kevin Zeese, advocated a victory for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Michael Steele - citing the extreme right wing views of Steele as a Senator to culminating in a more liberal takeover by Democrats in 2012. This is quite revealing of Zeese's true intentions, and a puzzling look into his odd forecast for the future.

Alex is also a staff member of his father's campaign.

a specific quote:

A great point someone else told me recently. Cardin does not deserve to be a senator, he has shown no leadership in 40 years. He will be a crappy Lieberman light type Democrat, and didn't you just knock that guy out. Why not let him lost this time have the Dem's run someone who does not suck (Mfume? VanHollen? Raskin?) in 6 years and kick Steele's ass out then, just don't run a pro-war, pro-patriot act, neo-con again and you wont have the Green menace to worry about from your "left" flank. If Steele win's he will be a one term senator because it shows the leadership that when a state is 30%+ Afro-American you need to show them some respect. If Cardin wins that ass will be in for 20 years. Thats all assuming the Democratic or Republican party does not collapse in 6 years. Then again there are like what 20 die hard Cardin supporters in the state.

This is particularly worrisome because of how close this Senate race truly is here in Maryland. We now have a bona fide example of how Zeese is in this race not to contribute anything but a win for Michael Steele.

I'm ashamed for the Greens that they would act in such a Carl Romanelli type fashion. Ben Cardin is a great progressive candidate, and it's bad enough that he's got to deal with the mega-funded Republican sleaze machine that is Michael Steele.

Current polling puts Zeese anywhere from 1%-4% of the vote... enough to hand the Maryland's Senate seat to far right Republican Michael Steele, just as Zeese and his son intend to do

I've met Alex before. He and his father were guests at a Cindy Sheehan event my organization (the University of Maryland College Democrats) sponsored. Alex was extremely rude to me and other College Democrats, with close-to-face finger waging and random challenges to impromptu debates. To his credit, he did do a very good job of explaining the voting machine debacle we have in Maryland to me at another unrelated event.

At the last debate in the Urban League I attended with Zeese, Cardin and Steele, I noticed Zeese took far more shots at Cardin than at Steele. Steele attacked Cardin with insinuations of racism, while Zeese took cracks at Cardin calling him a sell out and criticized Cardin for actually wanting to fully fund our troops while serving in Iraq (Cardin had the guts and good sense to vote against the authorization of the Iraq war however, a fact glossed over by Zeese)

If you look here Alex seems to have since deleted his little candid revelation of his father's true goal. Good thing I got a screen shot before he did!

-- Lee
President, Maryland Federation of College Democrats
Student- Univ of Maryland

Actually, in the last polling Cardin had a sizeable lead over Steele in the last Gallup poll 54-39, and Cardin leads in all of the recent polling.

But someone should have laughed at Kevin Zeese. When people say liberals get on their nerves, his picture should be tossed up as the prime example. How condescending is it for him to decide what black people should do, as if they're his puppets.

This is fantastic thinking. Oh, six years of Steele and then we can elect a progressive. Uh, what about the advantages of incumbency?

Stalin suggested that to the German communists. The few survivors in Dachau in 1945 saw that wasn't the way to handle things.

All these fuckers, from Nader on down, imagine themselves great, selfless leaders. I've met 19 year olds who were more selfless, better leaders than they could ever be. They don't have the ability to deal in the real world. They dream, and they plot and they don't have any realistic plan to do anything. What has been the biggest green issue this decade? Single payer health insurance? Fairly funding education? Weekend elections? You know, issues which people might actually rally around. Nope. Instant Runoff Voting. That was the issue these people thought would mobilize the masses.

Here's a secret: most black voters would be regarded as Swedish social democrats, which means, national health care, free education, higher taxes and an enhanced welfare state. But what do the Greens try to sell? The obscure IRV. Something which may get professors and their grad student girlfriends fascinated as they drive in the Volvo listening to NPR, but in the real world, where wages have stagnated, IRV, if people understand it, it's not a priority.

Health care? Nah, let's pick an issue no one cares about, is not really relevant to the people we need to appeal to, and then act pissy when they look at you as if you're insane.

posted by Steve @ 12:30:00 AM

12:30:00 AM

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