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Comments by YACCS
Friday, October 06, 2006

The implosion of the GOP

Mark Foley tries to fuck me,
I'll claw his fucking eyes out

I cannot believe the Republicans think they can brazen this out.

More will come.

It always does.

There's a simple, simple rule: you NEVER cover for a child sex predator. Because you don't know what you're covering for.

The Ass Clown Media folks don't seem to realize they just bet their credibility, as did Drudge on Mark Foley not having any teen lovers.

They think they can play the same games they did with the Wilsons or John Kerry, and this is a whole different league. The personal is political and there is no more personal issue than being the victim of a child sex predator.

People need to understand something: it is only a matter of time before one page pops up with a lawyer and says he was one of Foley's lovers. He's gonna have gifts and some kind of hotel key or something, maybe a detailed recounting of a sex session.

While Hastert and friends are chasing ghosts, they have no idea of the monster bearing down on them. It is their own Katrina and they are just as prepared. Foley is a sick motherfucker, he's been working on kids since 1995, I cannot imagine he didn't get lucky at least once. And if he did, the GOP thought they had problems this week. They don't know from problems.

If Hastert and friends covered up the victimization of a child, with Drudge and Ass Clown Media as their amen choir, they are all in a world of shit.

People may be frustrated with this, and not torture or Iraq turning people against Bush. But this is like social security, people know this issue well. And they don't need a reporter to explain it to them.

If I was a GOP spinmeister and saw Chris Hansen being interviewed by Joe Scarborough, I would have spent an hour puking. Because when you leap from a to b, that's it. My bet, best ratings ever for a Dateline this Friday, at 9. Tivo it if you're out. Hansen is rounding up pervs
in California, but when you see how they act, you'll realize your worries about Diebold and GOP spin, well, you can sleep easier.

Hansen gets bad guys, men who want to rape children.

Mark Foley is a bad guy.

posted by Steve @ 3:23:00 AM

3:23:00 AM

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