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Comments by YACCS
Friday, October 06, 2006

I never liked him anyway

Boy Hunter

Are there no lows to which Drudge won't stoop? The headline reads: "CLAIM: FILTHY FOLEY ONLINE MESSAGES WERE PAGE PRANK GONE AWRY." Oh, really? You mean Foley didn't ask about penis length? Or masturbation? Or wonder if he "made him a little horny?"

No, actually — even Drudge can't deny that Foley did all those things. His point is that those sneaky, evil pages tricked the poor hapless six-term Congressman into writing lurid sexually-charged messages. What? You mean Foley didn't make the pages horny? Well, I never!

Spinneth Drudge:

According to one Oklahoma source who knows the former page very well, Edmund, a conservative Republican, goaded an unwitting Foley to type embarrassing comments that were then shared with a small group of young Hill politicos. The prank went awry when the saved IM sessions got into the hands of political operatives favorable to Democrats.

So let's get this straight: Everyone was in on the joke but Foley, who still thought he was typing dirty messages to a sixteen-year old kid. Drudge calls it an "online prank that by mistake got into the hands of enemy political operatives." Yep, it sucks when those enemies start telling the world what you actually, you know, did.

Drudge's small print — much smaller than the misleading, giant-point headline — reads: "The prank scenario only applies to the Edmund IM sessions and does not necessarily apply to any other exchanges between the former congressman and others." Because those were also written by Congressman Foley. Intentionally. And that is the issue.

Drudge, you suck.

Update: ABC denies the claim.

I will let you all chew on that for a while. They framed Foley. I will explain why this is a very dangerous tactic to use. Read and try not to vomit.

posted by Steve @ 1:25:00 AM

1:25:00 AM

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