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Comments by YACCS
Tuesday, October 03, 2006


You think I'm good with a mic.......

The GOP seems not to understand the gravity of the crisis or exactly how untrustworthy Mark Foley was.

They think they can talk or bullshit their way out of this, and we aren't in that room. We are in the "you need to come to Jesus" room. Because every day Hastert toughs it out is one more day until a kid comes forward and says Foley had sex with him. At that point, they all go. And I would be shocked if that wasn't the case.

People are talking about age of consent as if that matters. The actions of the kids are irrelevant. They could be lounging around in Speedos and drinking martinis, it does not matter. It wouldn't matter if they grabbed his dick and offered the best blow job ever. It wouldn't matter if they offered a three way.

Mark Foley was a Congressman who was dealing with high school kids. People sent their kids to Congress to learn about government, not serve as Congressional fuck buddies. He was responsible to those parents and he was not supposed to mess with these teenagers, period. Even in the unlikely event that 16 year olds were coming on to a 52 year old Congressman, he was obligated to not only say no, but inform someone, to find out what the hell was going on with that kid.

I would bet most of us know authority figures who fucked someone in their charge. And it was never right.

Until the Catholic Church pedophilia scandal reached critical mass, the Church and their lawyers tried to downplay the cases. Some church officials even suggested that since the kids were 16-17 years old, that it wasn't that big of a deal. Well, it didn't play out that way.

The GOP is using the tactic of counterattack after an attack. The German Army ingrained this into their NCO's and officers. Made them practice it till it was second nature. And most of the time, it would work. But as WWII went on, it just got people killed. The Allies would take ground, set up a defense and prepare with artillery support. The Germans came back and would get hammered.

Trying to blame the Dems for holding back the IM's is like a pointless counterattack. Does anyone think that Hastert, who hid this scandal from Shelly Moore Caputo (R-WV) as well as the Dem on the page board, would have handled it better a month or two ago? And why not get some kids to come forward as well? Really pile it on.

The GOP counterattack is insane. Blaming kids, blaming Democrats, blaming the media. Blaming everyone but themselves. It sounds just like every buck passing cardinal and school board. And we know how well that worked.

People are pissed because they can see someone doing this to their kids.

posted by Steve @ 8:37:00 PM

8:37:00 PM

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