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Comments by YACCS
Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Cut the bullshit

Why vote? Because she deserved better

I am sick and tired of the vote suppression disguised as thoughtful comments

"Karl Rove is going to steal the election"

"Bush will declare marshal law"

Jesus fucking christ, stop panicking and start thinking.

One, elections are run by states. As crappy and badly designed as Diebold is, there is no evidence that an election has been turned by them. There are plenty of other machines as well, but the weak link is the age of the poll workers. The average age is 72. They aren't conversant with computer technology.

But to steal an election, you need a swing district and a close race where Republicans have been elected in the recent past.

My bet is that the GOP will claim illegals voted in large numbers, not mess with the machines, which vary from district to district.

If you are concerned about election fraud, YOU CAN DO SOMETHING. Work the polls, volunteer to watch them for campaigns. Don't sit on your hands and whine. You can do your part in this, make sure at least a few people are going to have their rights protected. But stop screaming that they're going to steal the election. Because that only keeps people from voting which is what the GOP wants

Martial law.

It's very simple. This is a country of 300m people. Most of the Army is deployed overseas. The Army wants nothing to do with civil law enforcement, not in Iraq or New Orleans.

There is no national police force, which is essential for creating martial law.

During the LA riots, it took the LAPD, an LAV Battalion from the Marines and a brigade of the National Guard to calm things down. That's a lot of people for a city of three million, where maybe 100,000 were in the rioting area.

Local law enforcement detests the FBI, which only has 13,000 agents, half assigned to counter intelligence duty.

Bush could declare it from the Oval Office, but he would have an extremely difficult time enforcing it, especially with so many Iraq war vets in the ranks.

Oh, and to the asshole in the last thread who wants a new, uncorrupt third party which will not soil his hands.

Grow the fuck up. People live and die on who's in office. You may not see the difference between the two parties, but if you get Medicaid, you will. If you work in Wal Mart, you will. People don't have the luxury of washing their hands then having the balls to ask that opinion be respected.

If you don't vote, don't bitch.

Even if all you do is take your parents to vote, do something, anything.

posted by Steve @ 1:14:00 AM

1:14:00 AM

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