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Comments by YACCS
Friday, October 06, 2006

The connection

I have two sisters.

One edits a community newspaper, the other administers day cares, while getting her masters in Education.

They lead extremely busy lives. They don't follow politics moment by moment.

But there is no question that when I discuss this with them, they won't fail to be outraged.

A lot of politicial people get frustrated when there isn't an outrage over torture, which is wrong, but doesn't affect them, or Iraq, which is the news, unless your family is in the sandbox. People can be outraged, it may even move them, but it's external. There is soccer, dance, the mortgage, your job, a lot of other things to care about.

But when a responsible adult is allowed to chase teenage boys, and the other adults stand around witless and then cover it up? They can connect to that. They understand that. The too friendly boss, the uncle with the grabby hands, the neighbor who exposed himself, not to mention the survivors of actual, long term sexual assault. You don't have to get into NIE's or the Geneva Convention.

All you have to say is Mark Foley sent dirty e-mails to kids, asked one page to measure his own dick, the House leadership knew it and didn't stop it, until Brian Ross showed up. What were they waiting for, Chris Hansen?

Have you seen any of the Republican women defending this nonsense? They won't do it. How many of them had to deal with this crap in their lives? More than one. They bring out Poll Tax Jack Kingston and this troll McHenry, to blame someone else, anyone else, for their inaction on Hardball, and Tweety wants to slap the shit out of them.

The GOP is making the Catholic Church look forthright and honest. They blamed the kids, they blame the Democrats, they blame George Soros. They need to blame themselves for their failure. This troll Mc Henry is swearing up and down that the Dems withheld this. Then they go back to 1983 to justify this.

But they still don't get it. Kingston is trying to pretend people don't care about child sex predators instead of lower gas prices. Even if Pelosi knew this, it was out of the bag in July. It was the FBI, burned by the Jefferson warrant, which didn't act.

How best to put it?

A Republican was courting and seducing teenage boys and most likely fucking them. As far back as 1995, he was seeking private time with pages, offering them ice cream, and no one called him on it. The GOP has run the House since 1994, and they never handled this.

Now, they want to blame Nancy Pelosi? Please.

At the core is this: the pages were in the care of the House. The House leadership allowed a child sex predator close contact with children for 11 years without ever stopping him.

And too many Americans understand what that means.

posted by Steve @ 7:00:00 PM

7:00:00 PM

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