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Comments by YACCS
Saturday, October 07, 2006

A confederacy of cowards

Defend a pedophile, will you?

I rarely get angry at the news. Disgusted, frustrated, sure. But angry? Rarely. Because things usually work out in the end.

There is no point in being angry about Iraq or torture. You have to persuade people and change the law and angry ranting doesn't do that. A rational head is the only way you can oppose this stuff

This, however, this Foley thing, is different. This makes me angry. Because they knew, they fucking knew and they didn't do shit. And instead of manning up and admitting they fucked up, fucked up as badly as adults can fuck up, they're blaming the fucking victims. That's beyond outrageous, that's contemptuous of all which is decent and right.

These motherfuckers ran on morals like an indy car runs on gas. But when they had a real moral test, the kind that doesn't come in books, they did nothing. They passed the buck.

The Catholic Church tried to treat their pedophiles, they tried to do something, even if what happened was a complete and total failure. Not Congress. They are pretending this isn't as ugly as things are. Dobson is lying to his flock. He's a shrink. He knows the odds of Foley fucking kids are higher than seeing a Mercedes in the parking lot of a megachurch. Yet, like so many cowards, he would rather hide behind a lie, a lie he knows is a lie, than deal with the truth.

As for the House leadership.......

When the Allies liberate German concentration camps in 1945, they marched the locals into the camps at gunpoint, so they couldn't deny they didn't know and hadn't seen.

I'd like to take them to a mental hospital, youth prison, group home, wherever the survivors of child abuse are housed, and let them ask how it feels to be betrayed by those you loved and trusted. So they can't pretend they didn't commit a great crime, a crime which they cannot escape or deny.

As for Reynolds, Drudge and the rest, I'd like to take them to the Hetrick-Martin institute, and the kids there, chased from homes and schools for being gay, can discuss the issues of older people trying to take advantage of them is like. So they can't say they don't know.

Foley is a monster, a living, breathing monster. He's not just a goofy old man, or a solved problem. He hurt people, he ruined lives. If he fucked kids, he did tremendous damage to them. He used his office to seduce children, to bend them to his will, used them and discarded them. What do you think he did? He wasn't chasing a child, this wasn't Lolita. He was chasing as many kids as he could find. He was spending money on them, feeding them booze. What the fuck do you think happened to them?

They call them child abuse survivors for a reason. Not everyone survives. We do not know what kind or wreckage Foley left in his wake.

The reason he survived for so long was the confederacy of cowards which protected him, for whatever reasons.

Oh, I am happy that some of the worst cowards will be defeated, but that isn't nearly enough. Some of these people belong in jail, not just Foley. People who allowed him to have contact after they thought there was an issue, also deserve punishment, legal punishment, not just some bullshit action by the Ethics committee.

The pages thought their parents and common sense would protect them. Neither could.

I am angry because I think this is much worse than what we know, that this is ugly and dark and we will be sick to see what Foley did. And even sicker that no one in the House cared enough to talk to a professional to ask what he was up to.

Mark Foley was allowed to hunt children because no one though to stop him.

posted by Steve @ 2:26:00 AM

2:26:00 AM

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