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Friday, September 01, 2006

The fall of Lieberman

CT-Sen: Poor, Poor Pitiful Joe
by mcjoan
Fri Sep 01, 2006 at 01:43:58 PM PDT

As Greg Sargent points out, Joe's list of friends is shrinking, and fast. They don't like him anymore in Newtown, and he's expecting the cold shoulder from Senate Dems when they come back to town.

But for pitiful, don't miss the full story of the Newtown parade as chronicled by Christi at FDL, after a statement by Mouth of Lieberman Gerstein that Joe was completely disinvited from the parade:

Here's the full scoop: Gerstein is being less-than-truthful. Again. Lieberman has been told by the parade committee folks that he is more than welcome to march in the parade, simply that he is not invited to march with Democrats in the parade -- as he is running as Connecticut for Lieberman candidate, and was the loser of the Democratic primary.

Deweese said she has had to be "forceful" with Lieberman's office to make it clear that there will be no large distance separating Lieberman's cadre and the Democrats marching in the parade."Senator Lieberman is a good man," Deweese said. "But I told him the tasteful thing is to come and line up where I tell him to. And he was OK with that."

Neither the Newton parade committee nor the Newtown DTC made this a public issue -- Turncoat Joe and his mouthpiece did. Why? Because Lieberman's big fat ego is bruised.

You know how many times Lieberman has marched in this parade? One other time in the nine years that the current Selectman has been running things -- and the one other time was right before the 2000 election, when he needed something from the voters there. Coincidence that he's marching for only the second time this year -- when he also is trying to gin up some votes? I think not.

The Lieberman Principle in action. It's good for Joe that he be in the Newtown Labor Day Parade this year, so it must be good. I say good for the Democrats of Newtown for standing on their own principle--what's good for the Democratic Party of Connecticut is good.

With all those Democrats abandoning him to embrace the actual winner of the Democratic primary in Connecticut, Joe's just going to have to be content with the friends that he does still have: Rick Santorum, Jack Kemp, Susan Collins, Mark Kennedy, Mike McGavick, Michael Bloomberg, Tom Kean, Jr., Chris Shays, not to mention Republican town committees across Connecticut.

With friends like that....

posted by Steve @ 7:39:00 PM

7:39:00 PM

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