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Saturday, September 23, 2006

A bit of conjuring

Damn, that's a lot of people to buy my house

You can read all over the liberal blogosphere about the torture bill, which has so many challenges to court authority that, like the CDA, it is destined to be overturned, even by the Roberts Court. Forbidding the use of international law, limiting the right of judicial review, use of secret testimony, coersed testimony. What court is going to uphold this?

Hell, are the Republicans going to pass this in a week? I think their priority is the Berlin Wall south myself. It might pass, or the Senate might not want another loyalty test on their record. But what exactly are 44 Dems going to do, besides give Rove his campaign theme in the last month of the campaign.

This is about two things, Bush as daddy protector, and showing the GOP who's boss. Run from me during an election, will you.....

Sometimes, when I read the empassioned pleas for a Pyhrric stand by the Dems, I wonder where people have been the past five years.

You know, Lieberman would jump to defend torture in a heartbeat. He would do his "non-partisan" shitck and get free publicity for his flagging campaign. And Rove would say the Dems don't want to protect America.

And most people would wonder why the Dems are defending terrorists.

Any time the deeply cynical Rove tosses something so odious in the air, you have to wonder why. Partly, because CIA officers are going to jail, as are their bosses. Partly to talk about anything but Iraq. But nothing to do with the heinous immorality of torture.

People have been blogging that the Dems relied on McCain. Please. Did Harry Reid take stupid pills? All Rove had to do was wave a mailing list in front of his nose and he had him. Please. No, McCain fought with Bush and created the image of a divided GOP, which has helped in several campaigns, in Colorado, Arizona and Rhode Island.

This is all politics, disgusting, loathesome politics. But whining about not opposing torture doesn't mean anything. Getting elected, tossing the law into a dustbin and investigating how the GOPCPA fucked up, that does something. Investigating Gitmo does something. But that something only happens after a victory.

Anytime someone argues that this makes the Dems look weak, well they sang that same song during Schiavo and we know how that worked out.

Besides, the one fact you need to keep in mind for the next six weeks is this: people's mortgages are going to double. Don't worry about anything else. People are going to lose their homes. Lose them outright. And that will drive who they vote for. Bush is going to talk about his great economy while people get a $7000 mortgage bill. All those ARM's are starting to come due and people can't pay them, can't sell their homes.

A fair amount of liberal bloggers sometimes forget the realities of people's lives. A luxury politicians don't have if they like being employed. There are a hundred outraged posts on torture, but when someone suggested that the economy might be an issue, well, they flipped out.
In the real world, the economy matters as much as Iraq. The Housing bubble is about to explode. The flippers are already being hammered, and the 0 percent down people are next. People who bet on ARM's are also about to get their bills due.

Rove much rather debate torture than people losing their homes.

posted by Steve @ 12:10:00 AM

12:10:00 AM

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