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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Why has Joe Lieberman hired the racist College Republicans to work with him

I hire racists to win

Here are some news stories about the racial views of various chapters of the College Republicans

University responds to College Republicans' acts
Sunday, December 7, 2003

In response to a controversial Web site showing photographs of a party involving several members of the College Republicans at Penn State, University administrators have taken a number of initiatives over the past several days.

On the day the Web site was discovered, University officials sent a message to the chairman of the student organization, Brian Battaglia, asking him voluntarily to remove the photos of party goers in KKK costumes, blackface and other distasteful images, and to apologize.

The group removed the photos, but their president has since defended his free speech rights to have such a party theme and Web site and has said that those who want to stifle that free speech are leftist radicals. In fact, University officials have heard from many Republican leaders and a broad range of community members who believe the student behavior, conducted in an off-campus apartment, and the private Web site was very inappropriate. The stated opinion of the president of the College Republicans is clearly in the minority.

Since this issue developed, University administrators have met with undergraduate student government leaders and with students representing many of the groups targeted in the party theme and Web site. University officials have met with members of the College Republicans responsible for the Web site and party.

President Graham B. Spanier has sent a message to approximately 60,000 students and others about the College Republican Web site about the matter.

Racism Permeates from within Marquette College Republicans’ Ranks
The information below is provided to those desiring more of the background.

I had the distinct displeasure of reading a recent blog of a colleague of mine, Joseph Kastner (a current Marquette University Student and College Republican), from a link that I found from John McAdams blog page. While skimming the page for valid information, two blog entries in particular caught my eye: one seeking to place Arabs as terrorist race inferior to commonalities of justice of a presumable guilt before trial based solely on the color/religion of an individual, the second seeking to falsely label our Muslim Student Association as a hotbed of terrorist activity.

Kastner’s anti-intellectual racist idolatry of his own “superior white skin” is prevalent not only in his ignorant rants, but in his eagerness to post and endorse racial epithets . Kastner talks of Judeo-Christian beliefs as if he were one, however let us not forget that Jesus did preach tolerance and not hatred. Jesus often held audience with outcasts of society, not in condemnation but rather a binding spirituality connecting us all. This does not disappear when we cross the racial or religious barriers, for if we are to follow Christ we must accept the example of Jesus; we must be “men and women for others” and not cast our judgment of condemnation upon others. I believe it was Jesus who said “Let it be the first among you who is without sin, to cast the first stone” it is not mine nor is it your place to judge others.

Kastner has again shown his true colors in his blog “PC-America Stikes Again with 'Flightplan'” in suggesting first and foremost that “Arabs males are (inherently) sinister” and that their presumption (and in this case actuality) of innocence should automatically be discredited because they happen to be of Arab decent so they must be a terrorist. Within Kastner’s assumptions it is important to point out several flaws, first and foremost the un-American assumption of guilt before innocence. This stands in the face of our noble nation and seeks to destroy our founding father’s belief in innocent until proven guilty. And because of a person’s background he/she is guilty of crimes that are inconceivable to most people.

White-only scholarship is mere reverse racism
Ryann Acton
The Daily Athenaeum (West Virginia U.)

(U-WIRE) MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The College Republican student organization at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island just awarded their “white only” scholarship to Adam Noska, a junior. As a scholarship applicant, he had to write an essay saying why he is proud of his white heritage and provide a recent picture to “prove whiteness.” The application stated, “Evidence of bleaching will disqualify applicants.” According to research, the scholarship wasn’t based upon academic achievements. Apparently, Noksa was the whitest of them all, thus resulting in his $250 scholarship win.

The award was designed to protest affirmative action. But the scholarship illustrates that racism is very much alive in this country. It shows that people protest affirmative action via reverse racism. You can’t fight fire with fire. It’s not effective. If the College Republicans think affirmative action is wrong, they should protest it in another way, not exemplify its antithesis and do it to others.

Jason Mattera, the College Republican president who is also Puerto Rican, said, “We think that if you want to treat someone according to character and how well they achieve academically, then skin color shouldn’t really be an option.” If that is the case, perhaps Mattera shouldn’t have accepted his $5,000 scholarship, which was only open to minorities. That would have been a respectable form of protest against affirmative action. That would have gained him positive press coverage and provoked thought on the issue.

Instead of offering a “whites only” scholarship, the group should have offered a “race doesn’t matter” scholarship. If scholarships should be based solely on character and academics, as Mattera said, then the scholarship should have been based upon that. They shouldn’t have asked for a picture. Questions regarding academic achievement and community involvement should have been asked solely.

As the scholarship, which was not endorsed by the university, was being awarded, about 36 multicultural students turned their backs to the stage as Noska accepted his award. This dates back to Martin Luther King Jr.’s passive resistance where sit-ins and boycotts helped pave the way to civil rights. Their peaceful and respectable means of protest to the scholarship was admirable.

Tensions rise at UC Davis
By Crystal Ross O'Hara/Enterprise staff writer

Tension mounted this week at UC Davis after an e-mail circulated that was laced with obscene and discriminatory language.

The e-mail, dated Feb. 14, was addressed to seven people, most members of the Davis College Republicans. It was sent by Anirban Roy, chairman of the UCD chapter of the Young Americans for Freedom. It urged the Davis College Republicans to support Associated Students of UCD presidential candidate Jenna Ramesh and vice presidential candidate Lauren Uranga.

Roy also railed against Tiqula Bledsoe and Dan Beaman, whose Feb. 23 election victory was recently overturned by the ASUCD Supreme Court for a controversial campaign violation. ASUCD's Elections Committee had considered the issue and determined that a violation point was not justified.

Many students believe the Supreme Court was pressured by members of YAF and DCR to overturn the Elections Committee's decision. Many also are charging that YAF and DCR were motivated by racism and homophobia, a charge both organizations vehemently deny.

But Roy's e-mail may indicate otherwise.

"(Bledsoe) is a f------- liberal piece of s--- diversity freak! I hate him so bad!" he wrote. "His running mate likes (homosexual pejorative). He wants to spend more money to educate the campus on gays and promote homosexuality."

Why are these your allies, Joe? Why? You say you're not a racist, but you hire people from an organization with a nationwide track record of bigotry.

Update: Someone was kind enough to send this to me

Like I mentioned earlier today, YDA has folks on both campaigns and everyone has been saying the same thing.

The story is false. And yes, Adriane said they would turn away College Republicans as volunteers.

Supposedly a Young Democrat member from Princeton sent the email from the Lieberman campaign to a bunch of her friends and it got forwarded to a College Republican who then posted it to a College Republican listserve.

Some of the information in the email that was posted on the listserve is also false.

They have 1 bus, not multiple ones.

They are not paying for food, etc.

The bus is full and they have a list to check people in with as they get on it. The bus is full of Young Democrats and folks from a pro-Israel group.>So, Lieberman ISN'T insane enough to hire College Republicans to work on his campaign. We're glad this was cleared up

posted by Steve @ 12:07:00 PM

12:07:00 PM

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