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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pinocchio Gerstein

Have you been around Dan Gerstein again? He lies
like I eat insects

Lieberman’s Crashed Web Site

Several bloggers and readers here have noted that, the Lieberman campaign blog was offline for hours with the message, “This site is down for maintenance. Please check back again soon.”

Just recently, the message changed: “Vote for who you know, Vote Joe. Check back soon.” But the contents of the site itself remained inaccessible. (There’s always the Google cache version).

The campaign, which had been using the site to recruit volunteers for its get-out-the-vote effort, said it crashed in late afternoon because of a high number of visits (Ned Lamont’s server was still holding up.)

The senator’s aides blamed the shutdown on liberal bloggers and other opponents. “They hate Bush but they use the same tactics as the Bush campaign,” said Dan Gerstein, a Lieberman adviser, referring to the bloggers.

Mr. Gerstein acknowledged that he had no evidence to back up that claim, however, and it could not be independently confirmed. As for the technical ability of Team Lieberman, it, too, could not be assessed with confidence.

– Patrick Healy

Dan Gerstein is a lying bastard.

He knows why the site went down.

This is from the Lamont site, but a screen capture is a screen capture.

Pay your bills, Joe (click to enlarge).

Pay Your Bills

I post because Marion Steinfels is running around proclaiming that someone hacked her site. This isn’t the first time they haven’t paid their bills, it happened when the stupid bear-cub ad ran and Sean Smith bragged all the traffic (from people mocking the ad) crashed their site. Same notice.

But since the Hotline Blog ran with Marion’s story (sort of), I had to post this here because they are undoubtedly peddling the story to other outlets as well. Passing on a different screen shot than the one above, from after they paid their hosting fees.

Props to Eric on the screen shot

If the site was hacked, wouldn't the hackers mock Lieberman?

Once again, Lieberman and his people lie to hide their own incompetence.

The Lamont web team are pros, the Lieberman team couldn't even buy the right domain names to protect their guy. Connecticut for is gone.

Healy should have gotten a quote to knock down Pinocchio's bullshit. Whiny ass titty babies, fuck their own web operation up, and it's a hack. Please.

Gerstein is prone to conspiracies. First, we hate the Jews, because we don't support Lieberman, then we hacked their site because it went down.

What's next, Bush blew up the World Trade Centers.

Get some help with that conspiracy shit, Dan, please.

Update:Lieberman Campaign: Pro-Lamont Hackers Crashed Site

Silly me -- last night I turned off my BlackBerry so I could have a nice dinner with a friend. Was I crazy? On the eve of a hotly-disputed primary election? Surely I would miss some minor flap exploding into high-dudgeon rhetoric, as the minutes ticked away toward the poll openings across Connecticut.

Indeed, it came to pass: The Lieberman campaign's Web site became inaccessible last night. Supporters of Ned Lamont claimed it was because the Joementumizers did not pay their bill; Lieberman's camp said they were victims of a denial-of-service attack. The volleys flew from both sides, as I finished my dessert (delicious fresh peaches with ice cream), and curled up on the sofa to watch a rerun of Project Runway (her pick, not mine, I swear). What kind of reporter am I?

Awaking this morning to the controversy, I put in a call to the Lieberman campaign to find out what the deal was with their Web site.

Spokesman Dan Gerstein was quick on the draw with a few choice words for Lamont ("The Lamont campaign is once again lying in suggesting we didn't pay our bill," he said in less-than-happy tones. "That's the definition of a lie, when you tell something that's false knowingly"), a few more choice words for Lamont supporters ("Their supporters are doing these [attacks], we've demanded they get them to stop and they refuse to do it"), an almost-accurate comparison to GOP dirty tricks ("It's despicable, it's the same kind of tactics Karl Rove and his folks used to jam the phones in New Hampshire in 2000" (it was 2002, and Rove hasn't been implicated in the scam)) and, finally, a copy of an email from their Web hosting company, which reads:

From: "Dan Geary"
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2006 06:05:17
Subject: account status -

Hi Marion,

This note is to confirm that the suspension of displaying the website was not due to to an overdue account. Friends of Joe Lieberman is completely paid in full. The screen that showed yesterday is a default image from the server. In order to isolate where the denial of service attack was coming into the site, we disabled it as rapidly as possible. Once we were able to isolate all the site files for study we were able to add an appropriate one-page maintenance message.

Your campaign has in fact paid every invoice submitted to it within a week and a half.


Dan Geary

Gerstein gave me Geary's phone number to confirm the email's accuracy -- he's in Nevada, so we'll try him later this morning when his office opens. For those who did not go through a computer hacking phase when they were 12 years old: a "denial of service attack" is when a hacker directs so much traffic at a single web site, the server is overloaded and no one can access the site.

Excellent choice of desert.

But now they're claiming the site was hacked by pro-Lamont hackers doing a DOS? Please. That could be anyone, but because we're part of the Klan-Nazis opposing Lieberman, all evil acts come from us.

Update: After a day of whining to the media, trying to claim Lamont won dirty, and justify his indy run, the Lamont campaign did the following

Lamont staffers immediately volunteered to take time out on a busy election day to come down and help Lieberman's staff fix the problem, but Lieberman's staff refused. This is exactly the message we want to send: Lamont people are your neighbords, out to help. And every minute we're able to say the Lieberman people either ignored us or refused our offers to help, the more THEY look like the dirty tricksters.

posted by Steve @ 12:43:00 AM

12:43:00 AM

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