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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, August 03, 2006

Negro, is your vote for sale?

Joe Lieberman is going to hire 4,000 people, read black and Latino people, to work the polls on election day.

Well, hire in the technical sense of the word.

Because, his people are going to hand out $60 per worker, and then tell them to "take an hour and vote".

It isn't technically vote buying, but that's what they think of black people. You'd sell your birthright for what Lieberman spends on a tie. Go into Bloomingdales or one of those fancy stores in Greenwich and see how much a silk tie costs, if they let you in.

Has he done anything for your communities? Has he helped get your kids into the service academies or when they deployed overseas?

No, he wants to remind you that he marched with King, and have you forget how he opposed affirmative action and wanted vouchers to destroy your schools. He lies to you about Ned Lamont so you'll send him back to support Bush and the war his children aren't fighting in, but yours are.

And does he give the loyal democratic workers jobs in his campaign? No. He hires College Republicans, the cowards who sit at home while your kids are in Iraq. He's gonna fill their pockets with money, while the Dems who elected him for 18 years are excluded. And they're laughing at you. They want Joe back to do their bidding, not yours. Most of them think black people are niggers. They are who Joe Lieberman relies on. People who have no use for you, people who hate you

Joe Lieberman says nice things about black people and whines about being depicted in blackface. But he thinks you folks are so dumb that you would sell the next six years for less than a dollar a month. He didn't care about your family when he was defending the war in Iraq, and now $60 is supposed to buy your loyalty?

Oh, I'm not saying don't take his money, a fool and his money are soon parted. But I am saying think about who's on your side, who they hire and what they've done. If you can be bought for $60, fine. But if you're a thinking person, a rational person, what they do not think you are, then you'll vote for the best candidate.

posted by Steve @ 4:06:00 AM

4:06:00 AM

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