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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dear Sen. Lieberman

Dear Sen. Lieberman, Dan Gerstein, Josh Isay,

I know that finding the right sunrise can be hard. So here is a guide to finding one in Connecticut.

This is Santa Barbara, California. This is also a sunset.

This is the state of Connecticut. See, it has miles and miles of shoreline.

Like this, the New Haven light house. It's right by the shore. Really.

This is a Connecticut sunset, notice the woods, notice the reeds, the bird, the kind of things one sees on the east coast North of New York. But since you didn't want a sunset, we can show you a Connecticut sunrise.

See the nice orange tones, the docks, the shoreline with the trees and bushes. Now, that's a Connecticut shoreline.

Here's another one.

And this is one with the Senator at the shoreline, a Connecticut shoreline. Maybe you can
think calm thoughts in Westport, not Santa Barbara, and at sunrise, not sunset.

Seems Lieberman's ever incompetent spokesman Dan Gerstein embarasses himself again,
according to Skippy the Bush Kangaroo.

joe-nertia: apply directly to your forehead!

helen ubinas in the hartford courant found out that joe-nertia's campaign manager was pretty agitated about the commercial that was supposed to have a calming effect on everybody:

gerstein was downright chafed when i called him about the new age-y lieberman ad that urges folks to step away from the negativity of the campaign and think of all the "good stuff ... like sen. lieberman saving jobs, improving health care and keeping us safe. eighteen years of honest leadership. there's nothing negative about that."

there's still no beating the lamont ads; the bad coffee one is my favorite. but cheesy as lieberman's new ad was, at least the sun-over-water video had a nice late-summery feel. then the lamont folks realized the "sunrise" was actually a sunset, and called it a metaphor for the senator's career.

and things got ... well, negative.

this is just more negativity coming from the lamont camp, gerstein fumed. "they're so blind in their hatred of joe lieberman that they have to make even the most trivial, silly things an issue."

breathe, buddy, breathe ...

"i've already gotten three calls about this. it just shows how tone deaf people are. why aren't they calling about lamont's flip-flop on earmarks? why isn't that an issue?"

ok, now he was making me tense.

"this is a camp that mocks joseph lieberman's wife and kids and we make one honest mistake that we own up to and they jump all over it. i can send you documents that show how much more negative they are than us, how they continue to resort to these kinds of tactics. ... it's not even a close call.

i thought we were all going to relax and get away from the negativity here.
helen goes on to make a really good point: this obsession with "liebermont," as she calls it, is getting as boring as tomkat/brangelina headlines. after a while, who cares anymore?

apparently, dan gerstein does:

it's actually a sunrise," gerstein initially insisted. "it's very much a sunrise."

actually, it's very much a sunset, as pro-lamont bloggers gleefully pointed out. they even tracked down the video used in the ad on the getty images web page. clip 843-2: "wide shot sun setting over ocean/ birds walking along water's edge/ santa barbara."

"wow," said gazeena, the helpful customer rep at getty images. "that's too bad."

there is a 30-day return policy, she offered. but it's only good for half the purchase price, somewhere around $1,000, she said. "and if it's already been used, i'm not sure that applies."

apparently that's not going to be an issue; gerstein said they were going to continue to use the ad.

"of course we will," he said. "why in god's name wouldn't we, just because ned lamont's people reflectively attack us? that's just insane."

good stuff, dan, remember? think about the good stuff ...
note to dan gerstein: take your own commercial's advice.

How much did Josh Isay collect for that POS ad? $50K, 100K? And all you get is humiliation?

posted by Steve @ 3:49:00 AM

3:49:00 AM

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