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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

About the IDF

This isn't working.

Israel OKs expansion of Lebanon campaign
Hopes dim for quick end to Mideast crisis

JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Israel's Security Cabinet has approved an expansion of the ground campaign against Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon, Israeli officials said early Tuesday.

The announcement came hours after Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said his military was inflicting heavy damage on Hezbollah and rejected international calls for a cease-fire until Israel has pushed the Shiite Muslim militia back from its borders. ( Watch Israeli troops move toward Lebanon's border -- 2:26 )

"Quite a few days of fighting are still before us," Olmert told a conference of local officials.

The Israeli Security Cabinet last week rejected a call from military leaders to widen the Lebanon offensive but authorized a call-up of about 15,000 reserve soldiers. There was no immediate explanation for the reversal.

Reuters, quoting Israel Radio, reported 15,000 reservists would be called up, but it is not clear whether those troops are the ones already authorized or extra troops.

Dan Harel, chief of the IDF, is an Air Force officer.

Which is why they keep bombing. Air Force officers think bombs and air power solves everything. Tooey Spaatz went to Eisenhower to object to D-Day because he thought he could bomb Germany into submission.

Much hasn't changed.

Israel cannot do more than bounce the rubble. The more bombs dropped, the worse they look.

Israel showed missles being fired from Qana today. They were never asked how they didn't spot refugees and a hospital.

posted by Steve @ 2:01:00 AM

2:01:00 AM

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