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Friday, July 14, 2006

The Rednecks of South Jersey

Courtesy of fourfour

So afterwards, I then put my foot up your

This is up on Majikthise and it made me laugh.

Conferdate kitsch epidemic sweeps NJ town

I regret to inform you that Wildwood, New Jersey has been engulfed by an epidemic of Confederate kitsch.

The lunacy even impinges on innocent hermit crabs, as shown below.

Okay, I admit, I haven't lived in the U.S. all that long. When I first got to New York, I was freaked out because I thought all the Puerto Rican flag bumper stickers were some kind of oblique reference to the Stars and Bars. I remember coming home from my first walk in our new neighborhood and yelling at Thad for enticing me to this alien world full of Confederate iconography. That was four years ago, and I've learned a lot in the interim. To be honest, since I've been in New York, I've only seen Confederate flags tattooed on tourists, or on the bumpers of out-of-state cars.

So, I have to ask: Is this Confederate flag fetish confined to certain gift shops in Wildwood? Is it new to New Jersey?

But then, she's Canadian and can be forgiven confusing the Puerto Rican flag with one of the Stars and Bars. But given the number of black people usually living in any such neighborhood, why would she think there is some large group of Confederates in New York?

However, I think the pictures of coquis and the word Borriquen might have been a clue. LOL

Anyway, this isn't anything new on the shore. A lot of the Jersey rednecks think it's cute and a lot of them live in South Jersey.

They know if that shit showed up in north Jersey , the brothers would put a foot in their ass. But in the mostly white suburbs of South Jersey, it's like a tasteless joke. Biker culture also loves the stars and bars.

Many of those shirts aren't worn too many places, because people would get their asses kicked. They get displayed more than sold.

Basically, the revival of the Stars and Bars came about because of racism. It was first widely displayed at Old Miss in 1948's football season. It wasn't about the old south. In fact, Georgia added it to their flag in the 1950's as a protest against Brown v Board of Education.

It was basically saying "fuck you, nigger, we'll always keep you down". Anyone who ascribes some other meaning to it is lying, to themselves or you, but they're lying. The return of the Stars and Bars is exactly about insulting and degrading black people. The heritage stuff is a lie to disguise an insult.

posted by Steve @ 8:58:00 AM

8:58:00 AM

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