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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I have loyalites beyond party

I support Lieberman

Our Overlord Kos has written the following

But Lieberman's "hold on to power at any cost" gambit is increasingly necessary, since on the street, he's getting no love. It's gotten so bad, that Lieberman got booed at parade while the cokehead Bridgeport mayor gets cheered.

Less than two weeks after admitting publicly he had used cocaine while in office, Fabrizi couldn't have asked for a better reception [...]

"He's not a bad guy. He didn't steal any money or anything," said Jason Marrizi, a street vendor from Ansonia, who stopped to wave as the mayor passed by.

"He made a mistake but the mayor is the mayor. I think he's doing a good job," said Juan Planas of Bridgeport.

The only negative shouts seemed directed at Lieberman, who is facing a primary challenge from Ned Lamont of Greenwich.

"Hey, look at that, a Democrat walking with a Republican," came one shout to Lieberman.

"How's the president," shouted another parade watcher, giving Lieberman a thumbs-down sign.

I didn't know blogs were that popular.

TNB did a recent interview with Joe Lieberman's astral advisor and guardian angel, Benedict Arnold

TNB: As a former Conneticut native, how did you hear about the Lieberman race?

BC: OH, I've been guiding Joe for years. There isn't that much to do in limbo, and I felt drawn to Lieberman's conflicted soul.

TNB: Conflicted?

BC: Yes. Joe has been a long time Democrat for little reward

TNB: He ran for vice president.

BC: And then turned on like he'd done nothing for the party. Like me. I never got the credit I deserved. They loved the victories, but did I ever get my just reward, no. The evil Kos and the blogofascists have picked on Joe without mercy.

TNB: You sold West Point to the British

BC: I should have been leading the Army. Not stuck in West Point.

TNB: They say your wife drove your actions

BC: Lies, all lies, Peggy was not the source of anything. Just like they lie on Joe. He's no secret Republican, no friend of Bush, He's an American, just like me.

TNB: You lived in England, reviled by Americans to this day.

BC: They didn't understand. Like they didn't understand me, never recognized me. Ethan Allen got the credit I deserved. So did Horatio "Granny" Gates. The blogofasicsts don't understand that Joe is trying to save the party. His way is the way to success.

TNB: But Lieberman like candidates have lost badly to Republicans?

BC: It just takes time. People will see the wisdom of his ways. How the evil Kos drove him to find his own way, as those lickspittles Hamilton and Lafayette drove me to find mine. Their lips affixed to Washington's rump, they hurt me beyond words. I deserved the credit that they and others got. Just like Joe is ignored.

TNB: Do you advise him?

BC: I come to him hin his dreams, I told him to see petitions away from the Democratic Party, those disloyal bastards. Joe will be proven right, I know it.

TNB:Thank you, one final question: do you feel any guilt about Major John Andre being hung?

BC: Washington murdered him because he couldn't kill me. That shows you what kind of man he was. Joe is dealing with people like that today, and he will outlast them.

posted by Steve @ 3:40:00 AM

3:40:00 AM

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