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Monday, July 31, 2006

How low will you go, Joe

Lierbman attacks Lamont on race

You know, the racist contempt for the black voter, voters that they have needed to reach to be reelected, on the part of the Lieberman campaign is amazing. The top flier reminds people that Joerus the heretic marched with Martin Luther King. Well, it's 40 years later, what have you done for us lately.

Let's see, support the Iraq war.

Support school vouchers

Oppose affirmative action.

He liked helping black people when they were to be pitied, but when they had the same rights as whites, Lieberman walked away. I wonder how many black people are on his staff? After all, he had to hire an "expert" on urban voting to run his campaign. He hasn't had one living black politician of note campaign for him. Martin Luther King is dead, has been dead since April 4, 1968. Died in Memphis, TN.

Meanwhile, country club Ned Lamont has had Al Sharpton and Maxine Waters campaign for him. Waters came twice to walk with him. I'm sure he bribed them with memberships.

Look, Lieberman belongs to a club with one black member and it didn't seem to bother him. Lieberman hasn't been any kind of advocate of african americans in a long time. Like his stand on the Vietnam War, it's part of his past, not his present.

As much as we respect Dr. King's legacy, it is a legacy and not the present. And it isn't Joe Lieberman's or Bill Clinton's to hijack.

We need to understand something, Joe Lieberman has NO RESPECT FOR BLACK VOTERS. He thinks they can be manipulated and conned. Oh, Marse Bill is coming for ol' Joe. We's got to vote for him. He doesn't talk to them the way he talks to white voters, he has no respect for their intellect and grasp of the issues. He thinks he can drag up 40 year old shit and black folks are supposed to have a Pavolvian reaction when they hear King's name. We're not talking Moses here. Walking with King doesn't get you lifetime absolution.

Well, black people want to hear about the economy, Iraq and other issues of the day. They want to be appealed to intellectually, not emotionally.

The Lieberman campaign and his expert want to appeal to black voters on emotion without offering them anything. It's a racist insult of the worst kind, far more hurtful than tar baby or nigger. Because you show you think blacks are emotional children with no capacity for rational thought or action.

And to add insult to injury, he hires mostly white kids from suburban Jersey, kids his staff would be comfortable with, to do his field operations. Ignoring the pleading from the local pol to hire her people, the known persuaders, stick some money in their pocket, nope. Not gonna hook them up, they had white people to hire instead. And that is going to be remembered by the people his team screwed.

"We do it like this in Jersey" is bullshit. They don't do it that way in Hudson or Essex County and win. Cory Booker tried that in 2002 and lost.

Lieberman is supposed to be a moral man. Bullshit, he's running a campaign of the most obvious racial contempt run by anyone since Rudy Giuliani. Lieberman thinks blacks are emotional morons, easily swayed by a few names and emotional arguments.

I don't know Ned Lamont, but I know if Shapton, Waters and others are going to march with him, and I really think Lieberman will regret his constant harping on King and his legacy, I know he's not a racist. And he doesn't need to drag up the past to make his point.

posted by Steve @ 3:54:00 PM

3:54:00 PM

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