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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hard fighting

AP Photo/David Guttenfelder)

Israeli troops wave captured Hezbollah and
Lebanese national flags as they cross the border
into Lebanon Thursday July 27, 2006.

Hezbollah attack `came from all sides,' Israeli officer says
By Matthew Schofield
McClatchy Newspapers

AVIVIM, Israel - The deadly fight began before dawn Wednesday, as Israel's famed Golani Brigade slipped among the apartment blocks on the edge of Bint Jbail.

Among the nation's most elite unit, the Golani had been chosen to clear out the last Hezbollah fighters from a deserted city of 20,000. Israeli forces had controlled the hills around the town for days, but their intelligence services believed that as many as 50 fighters remained, hiding in basements, waiting. Military spokesmen said they were thought to be preparing a final, glorious attack.

"They weren't looking to survive," said Israeli Capt. Doron Spielman.

Still, the Israelis weren't ready for what hit them. As they entered a manmade canyon, gunfire rained down from the ridge and from the upper stories of empty apartment buildings. Mortar rounds poured in. Closer to the ground, Hezbollah fighters launched rocket-propelled grenades and anti-tank missiles. It would later be described as a hornets' nest.

"Overnight, the Hezbollah strength had at least doubled, and there were perhaps as many as 150," said Maj. Zvika Golan. "The attack came from all sides."

In the first minutes of the battle, at least eight Israeli soldiers were killed. Many more were wounded. Israeli officials said it was an hour before others were able to start evacuating the dead and wounded because the barrage was so fierce.

In fact, Golan said it was an hour before the brigade figured out where the fire was coming from and could return fire.

The deaths of the eight soldiers and that of another soldier in a town nearby made Wednesday the deadliest day of the two-week-old war for the Israeli military.

Israel Defense Forces spokesman Mitch Pilcer called the attack "highly coordinated. Rockets, gunfire, mortars, they all began at once."

He said Israeli soldiers had to move their dead and wounded about a mile away from the fighting so that helicopters could land safely and evacuate them.

Hezbollah has trained for this, they have trained to take on the IDF in enclosed spaces and that tunnel network is out of Cu Chi. The IDF has no clue what they're facing.

posted by Steve @ 7:56:00 AM

7:56:00 AM

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