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Comments by YACCS
Wednesday, July 19, 2006

All hail the Joerus legacy

See how the robes feel, Commander, come
join the Chaos Marines, you want to be one
of us, forget the Imperium, come join us.

CT-SEN: Will Lieberman Rule Out Accepting GOP Line?
By Greg Sargent | bio

Yesterday we brought you word that some Republicans in Connecticut think it would be a good idea to offer their line to Joe Lieberman if he loses the Dem primary to Ned Lamont and if current GOP candidate Alan Schlesinger can be given the push.

This is of course a pretty far-fetched scenario. But then again, everything about this race has been far-fetched.

So today Election Central has just posed a simple question to the Lieberman campaign:

Will Lieberman or will he not rule out running on the GOP line if he loses to Lamont in August and it's offered to him?

This is fairly straightforward: Yes, or no? Which is it?

The question has been posed to Lieberman campaign deputy press secretary Noah Kores, and the campaign is mulling it.
Holy shit on a stick. Lieberman is swearing what a Dem he his, how he's being tossed out of the party.

Now, Lieberman knowss this would harm the Dems beyond belief if he did this. He would be basically betraying most of what he stood for, or claimed to, for his ego. It's all about staying in Washington.

Even though he would have to attack his former collegues. Ok, Sen. Pryor, Salazaar, gonna back him now? Senator Boxer?

If this is a scare tactic, it's a shitty one. If he's serious, his ego is larger than a novelist's. Either way, I think he should be hammered like a drum.

The fear is deep in Lieberman and it reeks.

Update: Never, Joe will NEVER run as a Republican

CT-SEN: It's Official -- Lieberman Rules Out Any Run On GOP Line

As I wrote below, Election Central posed a question this morning to the Lieberman campaign: Would he or would he not rule out a run on the GOP line if he lost the Dem primary and the line were offered to him?

Well, now campaign spokesperson Marion Steinfels has gotten back to me, and the answer is: He rules it out. Completely.

Steinfels said that Lieberman would "absolutely not" run on the GOP line. She added: "He has said he's always been a Democrat, and he'll always be a Democrat."

Asked if he'd rule out accepting the line, Steinfels said: "Joe Lieberman will never run as a Republican. Never."

This morning, Election Central posed the question in a phone call to campaign deputy press secretary Noah Kores. He said the campaign would get back to us, and we said we'd let you know when (or if) the campaign did.

Well, now it has, and their answer is: "Joe Lieberman will never run as a Republican. Never."

So he won't join the Chaos Marines, he'll just continue to kill Space Marines with them

posted by Steve @ 3:47:00 PM

3:47:00 PM

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