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Friday, July 07, 2006

And Now for a Vaguely Soccer-Related Post

Kos told me to put this up

Guten Tag, meine Damen und Herren! Jen here! In honor of the World Cup being in Germany this go around, and on direct orders from Supreme Commander in Chief Kos, I hereby give you this next Teutonically-themed installation of the Man with a Ham series!

I need a giggle right now. I feel like crap--got food poisoning from a bad pizza on the 4th of July (made going to work on the 5th even more of a dog than usual), so I went to bed at 9 PM that night. So, I was all good or so I thought on the 6th. Heh. Went out to grab a light dinner at my favorite local place to stop in at when it's late and I want food. Had an innocent enough dish--grilled veggies with a few strips of grilled steak on it, served with a side of hummus and pita--which I washed down with a little pinot noir.

Well, around 1 AM, the second set of fireworks started as it were. Let's just say that I slept in brief shifts between bathroom trips, and all I've had today to eat is...water when I don't retch it up, and some Gatorade. In a bit I'm going to attempt some rice, cooked of course in the Commander Kos Approved Rice Spaceship and Spying Device.

And I need to get up the gumption to go do a sheet and towel laundry, as my sheets are now all sweated up and smell like the gastric after-effects of food poisoning.

I think it's rice, Gatorade, Netflix, and the Net for the rest of the weekend.

In the meantime, enjoy the, ah, visual stimulation.

posted by Jenonymous @ 5:09:00 PM

5:09:00 PM

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