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Comments by YACCS
Monday, June 19, 2006


I wonder how Joementum tastes,
because they're putting him on
an iceflow like an old Iniut.

Wow. This is a major deal. He's the leader of the Connecticut Dem Party, along with the lower House leader. He's had enough of Joe and he's gonna toss him under the bus.
And the papers are turning against him as well? Shit.

Former Connecticut Democratic Party Chair and State Senate Majority Leader George Jepsen Endorses Ned Lamont
clemons's picture
By Steve Clemons | bio

I just got off the phone with George Jepsen, who was the Immediate Past Chairman of the Democratic Party of Connecticut and the current State Senate Majority Leader.

When we spoke, Jepsen was driving to Democratic Party headquarters where he planned to formally announce his endorsement of Senate Democratic contender Ned Lamont over incumbent Joseph Lieberman.

Jepsen stated:

I like Joe Lieberman -- whom I have known for more than 29 years.

However, there are just a lot of views of his, views in which he believes passionately and I admire Joe for his passion, that i don't share. There are issues beyond the war and his support for it that concern me, though the war is one of these.

The areas of difference between us range from his views about the Terry Schiavo case, medical assistance for rape victims, national gas facilities in the Rhode Island Sound, school vouchers, not having firmer and bolder lines for opposing certain Supreme Court nominees, and other policy matters.

This has become a matter of conscience for me, and I can't continue to support Joe Lieberman when there are so many areas of difference between his views and my own.

I have known Ned Lamont for 25 years. He is intellectually capable and accomplished and a very thoughtful person. He is not drive by raw ambition but rather by the desire to do good for this state and our country.

I know that he is willing to stand up to the Bush administration and work hard for a better and different agenda.

That is why I am strongly supporting Ned Lamont.

Big news.

Had Bush fired Don Rumsfeld, Lieberman might have had a shot at the Defense Secretary spot and given himself a way out.

But things just got much messier for him.

-- Steve Clemons
Independent bid here he comes...........

posted by Steve @ 6:20:00 PM

6:20:00 PM

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