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Friday, June 02, 2006

It's time fir fundraisng day 2

Isn't she cute? Isn't she?

OK, my nephew is a high school graduate now. I think 20 people attended from his family, including my younger sister and mother. Yesterday, Netslaves came up.
, a topic I rarely discuss, I just wanted to say that the readers here restored my faith in people.

A lot of the readers there were just mean, sad fucks. They had no lives and took it out on us.

The site crashed quickly, and by that time, I was sick of it. I was pissed that Pat mysteriously thought he had ownership of the content, which to this day remains, both under my copyright and out of my control. It was my writing which carried the site day to day and I had to fight with Steve Baldwin to be called editor. Remember, it was my writing day in and day out keeping the site running. And no money coming in.

Then there was the Plastic fiasco. Three months, no ad sales. They gave us no financial support. I have only contempt for Joey Anuff to this day for his hantics/incompetence. He didn't save Suck, but he didn't go broke either.

The reason this blog exists is because I got tired of dealing with Pat's secret deals and the crushing abuse Bill was being placed under. I was doing the work and had to share decision making.

Not any more.

I didn't do this blog for money, but you readers made a coherent argument that my work had real value and should be worth money.

No matter how hard we worked at NetSlaves, that never happened. But times change. Bill Lessard does PR, Jen does legal work and I do this all day. And that is only possible because of you guys. Your warmth and hospitality, as well as your generosity makes even the toughest days here worth it.

Writing about politics has been the best work experience in my life. Thank you.

Stephen Gilliard
217 E 86th St,
NMB 112
NewYork, NY 10028

posted by Steve @ 12:10:00 PM

12:10:00 PM

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