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Comments by YACCS
Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It;s the same story

REUTERS/Pilar Olivares(PERU)

People have been wondering why I haven't written much about the Duke case lately.

For a very simple reason: it's still the same story.

Defense goes over documents, defense finds flaws, defense goes to media.

However, defense doesn't move for dismissal. Defense doesn't offer up alibi witnesses. Defense doesn't offer a timeline. Defense doesn't release all of the documents.

So no matter what new tidbit they come up with, it's still the same story with different details.

It's an old trick, and because these boys are rich, and have PR help, they get listened to. But the story has not changed. If they thought they had enough, they would move for dismissal.

It really doesn't matter if a traumatized rape victim says she saw three or five men, eyewintess testimony of victims can be unreliable. It may make people think the case is about to be dropped, that it's weak, but we have no idea what the DA has. Stan Goldman raised that point in an article: what does the DA have?

It's more than her word. She's a sex worker, they are not the greatest of witneses under any
cicrumstance. No DA would rely on her word alone.

There has to be more than her word for three men to be indicted. I do find it amusing how people are so quick to exonorate these young men despite only hearing the defense story for months.

I've heard this story once before. The defendent was rich and popular and the vicitm was called all manner of whore in and out of the media. She asked for it, why was she there? The defense PR machine went into overdrive.

But the man was convicted to the surprise of nearly everyone, His name?

Mike Tyson.

posted by Steve @ 3:15:00 AM

3:15:00 AM

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