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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

How to beat a Republican stupid

George Allen doesn't have
one of these, right?

This is a press release from the Jim Webb campaign. I normally don't run these things, but this is a fucking work of art. Pure beauty,

Webb Campaign Blasts Allen Campaign for “Weak-Kneed Attacks” Against Men and Women in Uniform

Arlington – The campaign of U.S. Senate candidate Jim Webb today called the attacks on Webb’s patriotism by Allen’s campaign, “weak-kneed attacks by cowards” and demanded that Allen and his campaign apologize.

“George Felix Allen Jr. and his bush-league lapdog, Dick Wadhams, have not earned the right to challenge Jim Webb’s position on free speech and flag burning. Jim Webb served and fought for our flag and what it stands for, while George Felix Allen Jr. chose to cut and run. When he and his disrespectful campaign puppets attack Jim Webb they are attacking every man and woman who served. Their comments are nothing more than weak-kneed attacks by cowards. George Felix Allen Jr. needs to apologize to Jim Webb and to all men and women who have served our nation,” Webb spokesman Steve Jarding said.

On Tuesday, George Felix Allen Jr. and his campaign issued a press release in which the Allen campaign, through Wadhams, implied that Webb’s position in support of the Free Speech Amendment to the U.S. Constitution amounted to a political act and not a defense of our Constitution, which Webb fought for and for which he was highly decorated. George Felix Allen Jr. did not serve.

“I believe it is precisely because of bush-league attacks like this that John Zogby, a highly respected, independent polling expert just this week said that Dick Wadhams is not fit to serve as a campaign manager and that George Allen should find a new manager,” Jarding said.

“While Jim Webb and others of George Felix Allen Jr.’s generation were fighting for our freedoms and for our symbols of freedom in Vietnam, George Felix Allen Jr. was playing cowboy at a dude ranch in Nevada. People who live in glass dude ranches should not question the patriotism of real soldiers who fought and bled for this country on a real battlefield,” Jarding said.

“Is Dick Wadhams willing to publicly say that Colin Powell, John Glenn and Bob Kerrey are unpatriotic for having the same position on the flag burning amendment that Jim Webb has? Ask him,” Jarding said.

Jarding continued, “The following is why George Felix Allen Jr. has not earned the right to challenge Jim Webb in his support of our Constitution and its free speech provisions:

Jim Webb was first in this class of 243 at the Marine Corps Officer’s Basic School in Quantico, Virginia.

--Jim Webb served with the Fifth Marine Regiment in Vietnam, where as a rifle platoon and company commander in the infamous An Hoa Basin west of Danang.

--Jim Webb was awarded the Navy Cross, the Silver Star Medal, two Bronze Star Medals and two Purple Hearts while fighting in Vietnam.

--Jim Webb served as a platoon commander and as an instructor in tactics and weapons at Marine Corps Officer Candidates School.

--Jim Webb served in the US Congress as counsel to the House Committee on Veterans Affairs from 1977 to 1981, becoming the first Vietnam veteran to serve as a full committee counsel in the Congress.

--In 1982, Jim Webb first proposed, then led the fight for including an African American soldier in the memorial statue that now graces the Vietnam Veterans memorial on the National Mall.

--In 1984, Jim Webb was appointed the inaugural Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs, where he traveled extensively in, and worked closely with, our NATO allies. As Assistant Secretary, Webb directed considerable research and analysis of the U.S. military’s mobilization capabilities.

--In 1987, Jim Webb was appointed Secretary of the Navy becoming the first Naval Academy graduate in history to serve in the military and be appointed Secretary of the Navy.

In addition to his wartime medals, Jim Webb has been awarded the following medals and citations:

-The Department of Defense distinguished Public Service Medal

-The Medal of Honor Society’s Patriot Award

-The American Legion National Commander’s Public Service Award
-The VFW’s Media Service Award

-The Marine Corps League’s Military Order of the Iron Mike Award

-The John Russell Leadership Award

-The Robert L. Denig Distinguished Service Award.

Read on how he just smacks Allen stupid and reminds everyone he's got a Navy Cross for serving in Vietnam, while Allen marched around wishing it was 1863 again. A work of beauty from a campaign. Notice also he uses Allen's full name to diminish him, implying daddy was the real man of the family. To Virginians, George Allen is a legendary name, head of the Washington Redskins, which is a cult there. It would be like using Ted Williams in Boston or Joe Namath in New York.

Webb also is allowed to play on the chickenhawk meme and call Allen a coward for not serving in Vietnam, something he couldn't do to someone on his left who opposed the war.

This is the kind of attack press release campaigns should thrive on and use often.

posted by Steve @ 8:27:00 AM

8:27:00 AM

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