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Monday, June 05, 2006

Assclown cowards

This is the fucking problem

JimWolcott wrote the following

If the New Yorker is wiser and more dovish three years later, it's because it isn't so untethered from reality that it can't recognize when mistakes have been made, lies have been revealed, and a brutal, disastrous folly has been committed. It's seen what an unholy hell Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld have made of Iraq. It's the warbloggers who are insulated, hunkered in their backyard foxholes and waging a tired, irrelevant culture war against imaginary enemies on the effete left. Horsefeathers writes, "Multiculturalism is a form of self flattery, a 'We are the World' incantation, designed to calm the frightened upper west side liberal." Speaking as an Upper West Side liberal, I can tell you that we're not the fraidy cats who have been cowering under the porch since 9/11, and that multiculturalism isn't "a form of self flattery," it's a metropolitan fact of life. We're not nearly as preoccupied with ourselves as the amateur anthropolgists on the right are. Oh well, they have to work out their feelings of inadequacy on somebody, and I guess we're it.

Jim is being nice.

You know what happened in the week after 9/11? New Yorkers buried our dead, did so for a year, and went back to work. These pussies in their gated communities saw every brown skin as someone who would blow up their fucking strip mall and kill their precious little brats.

They're the fucking cowards, they shit themselves when the Sikhs pump their gas, they worry about a brown tide coming from Mexico, they live in a world of fear and cower everytime Bush says boo.

New Yorkers don't. We're sick of Bush's war, not because we're pacifists, but because Osama is still fucking alive. At the end of the day, I could give a shit about Iraq. If the Iraqis are stupid enough to start a civil war, that's their problem. I care about Osama and the fact that his podcasts are still running three years later and so does New York.

I'm tired of 9/11 being used to justiifed the gated little cowards racist pogroms. Michelle Malkin is now ranting about "anchor babies"

You wanna talk about Koreans born in the US, you should talk about Americans born in Korea. The thousands of orphans born to US GI's and Korean women and abandonded. THE reason the Pearl S. Buck Foundation was founded. Because the US government placed no value on their Korean-American offspring. Nor did they with Vietnamese-Americans or Filipino-Americans. Treated like garbage at home, the US government had to be shamed into letting these Americans come to America.

I think it is safe to say they add up to more than 5,000 people.

If these shitbags think we're cowering, they should think again.Jean Rohe's speech at the New School was not about peace and love, but why Osama's head wasn't on a pike, while Bush chased his manhood in Iraq. That's the problem. Osama being free while we murder Iraqi children and let the Heritage Foundation play government with other people's lives.

Multiculturalism is what happens when you live in the world and not behind a gate.

posted by Steve @ 12:40:00 AM

12:40:00 AM

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