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Comments by YACCS
Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What ever happened to those riots, Joe?


dealing with Joe Klein's complete dive into the gutter in attacking Congressmen Rangel and Conyers. Klein being a hack's hack isn't a state secret. Even though Mr. Klein has been a bright beacon of utter faux-liberal 'I'm a reasonable liberal' hackery in the past, having read his essay I feel, and the vast majority of people who discussed this today feel, that he has crossed a line that he just has to be called out on in his latest Time essay... particularly with the attacks quoted here:

"The inevitability of race as a subliminal issue in the campaign became obvious as I watched House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, the personification of fluttery uncertainty, trying to defend Representative John Conyers on Meet the Press a few weeks ago. Conyers will be chairman of the Judiciary Committee if the Democrats win control of the House in November, and he has already threatened impeachment hearings against President Bush..

. . [T]he ugly truth is that Conyers is a twofer: in addition to being foolishly incendiary, he is an African American of a certain age and ideology, easily stereotyped by Republicans. He is one of the ancient band of left-liberals who grew up in the angry hothouse of inner-city, racial-preference politics in the 1960s, a group "more likely to cry 'racism' and 'victimization' than the new generation of black politicians," a member of the Congressional Black Caucus told me.

The Republicans will not be so crude as to mention Conyers' race; they will simply paint him as an extremist and show his face in negative ads. Nor is Conyers likely to be the only target. We'll probably be seeing a lot of two other potential African-American committee chairmen: Charles Rangel of New York and Alcee Hastings of Florida.

. . . ***Conyers and Rangel are embarrassments, but there is nothing the Democrats can do about them***--and they are certainly no more objectionable than any number of right-wing extremists who fester in Congress. But it's not too late for Hastings to remove himself from the line of fire and make clear his support for Harman as ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee.",8816,1193981,00.html

The Republicans 'will no be so crude' as to mention race but Joe Klein will, if only to attack two Congressional heroes as "African-Americans of a certain age and ideology" and "embarassments" as if they are out of control lunatics for daring to even try to hold the Bush White House accountable.

Apparently, in Joe Klein's world, attempting to excersise proper oversight makes you smearable as a dangerously radical old black man who must be stopped instead of a patriot. This can't be allowed to stand unconfronted by just flat-out common decency because these two men are standing up and attempting to do their jobs where so many of their collegues on both sides of the aisle have just flat out sat down and done nothing in the face of a dangerous administration.

Hackery is one thing, but this is pundit as racial arsonist and sewer diver if there ever has been one.
I have news for Joe Klein, Charlie Rangel is my Congressman and he isn't going anywhere and Al Sharpton could easily be his replacement in Congress.

Charlie Rangel and John Conyers are Korean War vets, Rangel Army, Conyers Marines.

Rove or his replacement just isn't that stupid. If they were to go after Conyers or Rangel, they would be gutted before it started.

Hastings? He was fucking impeached before he won his House seat. Think he can be touched?

And if Albert Wynn or Harold Ford think they can feed Joe Klein this shit and not pay, they are delusional. You don't get old in Congress without some skills.

Klein is talking out of his ass anyway. No one cares about old black Cogressmen, except to know not to fuck with them. They have alienated millions of latino voters, the last thing they can do is play the race card with senior black Congressmen. They need to mend that fence or lose any chance of keeping Congress.

Klein isn't even bothering to hide his racism any longer. In 1986, he made the ridiculous claim that Do the Right Thing would lead to riots as if black people were stupid.

Shit, Rove isn't stupid nor are the people he trained. How in God's name could the GOP have three major seats at stake with black candidates and do this. They need as many black votes as possible. Damn, that's just dumb

posted by Steve @ 12:00:00 AM

12:00:00 AM

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