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Comments by YACCS
Monday, May 15, 2006

Ooops, I guess Clinton DID say those amazingly stupid things

Lazy teenagers

Sen. Clinton says she apologized to daughter for remarks on work

NEW YORK (AP) -- After telling an audience that young people today "think work is a four-letter word," Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton apologized to her daughter, she said.

"I said, 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to convey the impression that you don't work hard,'" Clinton said Sunday in a commencement address. "I just want to set the bar high, because we are in a competition for the future."

Clinton's speech to more than 2,000 graduates at the C. W. Post campus of Long Island University followed days after she criticized young people at a gathering of the United States Chamber of Commerce in Washington. In those remarks, she said young people have a sense of entitlement after growing up in a "culture that has a premium on instant gratification."

The senator said that her daughter, Chelsea, phoned to complain after learning about the comments.

"She called and she said, 'Mom, I do work hard and my friends work hard,'" Clinton said Sunday.

So I guess she DID say what I posted Saturday, it wasn't a distortion by the Post and it WAS braindead stupid. So stupid her daughter, who probably logs 10 hour days fucking up other companies, called her on it.

Look, this fanboy bullshit with Hillary Clinton has to end. People have to stop playing human Rohrschact test with her and look at the actions she takes. Not what she symbolizes or what you think she stands for or what you believe about her stands.

It's insulting to her and to my intelligence. The Post was lying, Jesus fucking Christ, she said this in a room full of people. Come on. Grow up.

Hillary Clinton has repeated assumed she will be crowned the nominee because people know her name. Her advisors and most public supporters, among them the pro-telco Mike McCurry and the DNC sneering Paul Begala, are regarded as incredibly out of step with reality. One poll has 92 percent of Democratic voters unhappy with their leadership and it isn't Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi who comes to mind.

If she wants to be President, one day she'll have to explain what she believes, why she believes it and why she should run the US. This isn't American Idol.

posted by Steve @ 7:05:00 PM

7:05:00 PM

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