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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, May 04, 2006

No 72 Virgins for you

Off to SuperMax with you.

The Daily News is upset that the jury refused to murder Zacarias Moussaoui, probably the smartest thing we have done in some time.

He'll burn after he rots

Zacarias Moussaoui will live. This is not justice. This is an abomination. This is a reprieve from hell for a soul who deserves an eternity in flames no less intense than the infernos that brought down the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.

That Moussaoui will suffer the tortures of damnation after a life in prison is of no comfort. No matter how entombed in concrete and steel he is, Moussaoui will breathe the air that Al Qaeda denied to almost 3,000 murder victims. Until, to his everlasting surprise, he is greeted not by willing virgins but by a vengeful maker.

It is deeply dispiriting that an American jury yesterday failed to impose the death penalty on a terrorist who came to the United States with plans to hijack a jetliner and fly it into the Capitol or the White House - and who knew that other conspirators were planning to hit the twin towers. Those facts alone justified capital punishment.
Oh, fuck all this dramatic bullshit. Moussaoui was a half-wit, someone Al Qaeda barely trusted to get trained, and he fucked that up. State murder would have given him a dignity he never deserved

Believe me, I understand the desire to see this idiot die. Osama isn't gonna be dead any time soon, the rest are in some US gulag, probably to have long trials where their treatment becomes the issue.

But murdering Moussaoui would have been a mistake.

First, he's as crazy as a shithouse rat. Most of what he said was bullshit of the highest order, designed to provoke the death penalty and ensure he died a martyr in the hands of the evil US.

Second, he was in custody when 9/11 happened and knowledge does not mean action. Murdering him would have been revenge.

Third, with no state sanctioned murder, no protests, no calls for clemency, no Bush reveling in blood lust, no years of debate on his mental health, no Supreme Court case.

Instead, the prisoner will be tossed into SuperMax, this awful underground prison designed to isolate you in what is in effect a dungeon. And best of all, will be forgotten. He will be lost to the Bureau of Prisons, each day spent in isolation, going madder by the day. No martyrdom, no 72 virgins, no posters in Arab slums. Just a sad loser in permanent lockdown, unable to do anything but think about how he wasted his life.

And that is what he deserves.

posted by Steve @ 8:14:00 AM

8:14:00 AM

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