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Comments by YACCS
Saturday, May 13, 2006

Is she nuts?

Silly slackers, vote for me




May 13, 2006 -- Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton got it half right when she told the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that the instant-gratification generation thinks "work is a four-letter word," the chamber's expert on young employees told The Post.

The work guru, Rick Corcoran, said Clinton hit the nail on the head when she insisted Generation Y has an sense of entitlement - but missed the boat when she accused them of not pulling their weight in the American economy.

"They're going to find, in their 20s, the work-life balance that their parents have sought their whole lives."

But it's the Gen Y'ers in their 20s and tail end of Generation X'ers who've been driving the economy by dominating the high-tech field - the scientific sector that Clinton and President Bush agree America needs to dominate in order to succeed in the future.

Clinton touched off the generation war Thursday, saying Gen Y'ers "don't know what work is. They think work is a four-letter word."

She added: "America didn't happen by accident. A lot of people worked really hard. They've got to do their part, too."

Clinton grumbled that today's youths "think they're entitled to go right to the top with $50,000 or $75,000 jobs when they have not done anything to earn their way up."

She made no mention of her daughter, Chelsea, 26, who snagged a six-figure consulting spot in the New York office of London-based McKinsey & Company after receiving her master's degree from Oxford in 2003.

The comments by the Democrats' 2008 White House front-runner is surprising considering how she's rolled out a massive marketing blitz to court them into her camp - and so far it has worked. Polls show 18- to 35-year-olds are her biggest base of support.

Lazy? This from a woman who's Oxford educated daughter is a consultant at McKinsey, best known for Enron and making six figures a year?

Number of dead by age in Iraq 19-25

Age Total Percentage
21 299 12.3%
20 260 10.7%
22 240 9.8%
23 159 6.5%
24 159 6.5%
19 144 5.9%
25 134 5.5%

The majority of US dead in Iraq are under 22 years old. Were they lazy, too?

Between this and her war on video games, exactly who does she think is going to vote for her. You leave school with loans to repay and see how lazy you are.

Come on, who can defend this stupidity? Fundraising with Murdoch, insulting her base voters, talking up how nice Bush is? What the hell does she believe in anyway?

posted by Steve @ 6:50:00 PM

6:50:00 PM

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