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Saturday, May 06, 2006

The free fall

hi ho ,hi ho it's serving warrants we will go,
hi ho, hi ho

Think about this for a minute.

The vice president's aide is on trial for lying about leaking the name of a CIA agent.

The president's aide may well face the same charges.

The director of the CIA may have been screwing hookers of an indeterminate sex.

Does the GOP really think gay marriage is an issue now?

This is fast spinning out of control, bad shit is coming from every direction and the GOP has no clue as to what to do. Mehlman is talking about a Dem Congress impeaching Bush, when they really should ship his ass to the Hague for war crimes trials. But even conservatives are getting sick of Bush and his free spending, no immigrant stopping ways.

How much worse can it get for Bush? At what point does the GOP think of tossing him and Cheney over the side, 29 points, 25? When does Bush become a liability.

Because these are body blows, CIA boss with hookers, maybe male hookers? Can you say blackmail? Can you say massive scandal.

Something has to change the subject. I think it's clear there are few distractions left, and Rummy is the easiest one to take everyone's minds off the subject.

posted by Steve @ 3:35:00 AM

3:35:00 AM

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