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Comments by YACCS
Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What did she think was going to happen?

Ass Clown Media Speaks

Pajama(s Media) party (UPDATED)


April 18, 2006 3:35 PM
Categories: Politics

Hoisting the Black Flag: Jeff Goldstein and Ace of Spades HQ will interview Michelle Malkin at RightTalk Radio today at 1:05 PM PDT. Michelle will discuss the death threats that she has received due to her publication of the activities of Students Against War.

UPDATE: During the interview, Michelle made it clear that the information she published—contact information from a SAW press release—had already been public. In spite of this, retaliation was inflicted on her. MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann designated her as ‘one of the world’s worst people’ because of this incident. Far more sinister ‘revenge’ was inflicted, however: her family’s personal contact information was discovered and made public.

Musing on the reasons for the existence of such hatred for her, Michelle surmises that the Left feels a sense of betrayal with her; many feel that she should be on their side because they believe that is where all women and non-whites should be.
Let me understand this: Malkin, who violated a basic, long standing rule of netiquette,which is that you don't put people's personal information online. This goes back way before the web, forget the blogs.

This isn't about color, ACM, this is about human decency. Malkin did something wrong, she violated a basic rule of online conduct. Yes, the information was public, but what she did was post it up on her blog, and refused to take it down. The kids who did this begged her to remove their info and she pretty much laughed in their faces.

Now, she's whining?

Posting her info is wrong. It should not go up online. It has no business there. Much less have someone make cowardly death threats to her. All of that is unacceptable.

People dislike Malkin because she is a bigot and lacks human decency. Her color and sex are irrelevant.

posted by Steve @ 12:44:00 AM

12:44:00 AM

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