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Comments by YACCS
Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This seems like a lot of effort for a lie

So why are they in the middle of
the Duke case?

Duke stripper frantic, kin say


The stripper who charges she was raped by Duke University lacrosse players is so traumatized she sometimes screams at the sight of white men in the street, a new report says.

The accuser is staying with friends and only occasionally calls relatives, amid threats from Duke supporters and white supremacists, Essence magazine reported.

"I know she feels alone," the woman's ex-husband told Essence. "She doesn't know who to trust. That's why she's running."

Meanwhile, a lawyer for one of two Duke lacrosse players charged in the rape demanded that prosecutors turn over the accuser's medical, legal and education records for use in attacking her credibility.

When the woman does call family members, she sounds frightened and refuses to let them contact her, relatives said.

"Nobody has seen her. She needs some help," the woman's aunt told the magazine. "That girl needs some professional help.

And now we get the nuts and sluts defense. She's crazy, she's lying, it didn't happen. Typical rape defense.

Oddly enough, that cab driver who said he picked up the guys at the house, none of the dispatch records add up or show him taking a call at that location at that time, and his oddly precise memory about their activity.

One would hope this is just about discrepencies in memory and not someone passing money around for a lie. Because if that's the case, they've condemned their friends to jail, regardless of guilt. A jury would look dimmly upon false procured testimony.

But what I don't get is why they waited until an indictment to offer up all this evidence that their clients were elsewhere. My bet is that the DA has been over those cab records in detail and the other "evidence".

The best thing the defense could do is shut up. Running to the media isn't helping them in Durham or anywhere in North Carolina. They may have the suburban friends of these guys swearing to their character, but it just looks like slick Yankee manuvering down there. Saying how nice your clients is will not help them if the evidence turns against them. It will only make them look more depraved. Having them described as gentlemen may backfire on them.

The problem for the defense is simple: this isn't some lonely freshman far away from home. They can't initmidate her the way they can someone who was a Duke student. For a woman people desperately want to believe is lying, she's sure acting like a rape victim, has the physical evidence of a rape victim, and was allegedly in a situation where women are gang raped in college, according to DOJ.

But the thing I would worry about most is an old girlfriend accusing these guys of rape. Even if it's not allowed in court, it could not only poison the jury pool, but turn the media against them in a major way. They have a chance as things stand now, but if some other girl claims rape by the lacrosse team, their public defense will have a real problem, even if it's not about the two accused.

The fact that Essence already has a story up should indicate the kind of support this woman will get as this goes on. This is not anything like Tawana Brawley, with that case's manuvering and non-cooperation with the DA.

The defense is desperate to make this go away. Which is why they want her records, to discredit her. Ok, let's grant that she's made some bad choices, so how did the rape kit come back positive and who choked her? Unless physical evidence lies. It amazes me that people act like this case hangs on her word.

posted by Steve @ 8:32:00 AM

8:32:00 AM

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