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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ship 'em back

Back where you came from, mojados

Salazar receives racist messages because of immigration views


"Poisonous," sometimes racist messages have poured into Sen. Ken Salazar's office since he has taken a more outspoken role backing a controversial guest-worker plan.

As Senators continued haggling Tuesday over contentious immigration reform legislation, Salazar, D-Colo., took to the floor of the U.S. Senate Tuesday to call for civility in the debate.

Salazar, one of only three Hispanic Senators, said hate-filled attacks have been among the barrage of lobbying calls, letters and e-mails his office has received in recent days.

"I am not a racist against Mexicans _ I want all minorities kicked out," one message said.

Salazar said that another message told him: "Put all the illegal aliens on trains and deport them out of the country. They come in vans. Rail cars would be a step up."

Another e-mail said Salazar should "go back to Mexico," even though his family has been here for centuries and helped settle the New Mexico capital city of Santa Fe before the United States was even a country.


The debate has elevated Tancredo to national prominence in recent weeks, and he has gotten his own hateful calls and letters accusing him of being a xenophobe, racist or white supremacist, spokesman Will Adams said Tuesday.

"The classic tactic of those who don't want to engage in a real argument is to call their opposition by nasty names," Adams said. "Certainly, Sen. Salazar's office _ and our office, frankly _ have received a number of racist, hateful phone calls, calling us names. . . . But certainly, the majority of calls and faxes and attacks Sen. Salazar received were not hate-filled. They were directed at his policy because he stands outside of the opinion of a majority of Coloradans and a majority of Americans."

Salazar spokesman Andrew Nannis said the Senator only told colleagues about the vitriolic messages in hopes of bringing a "tone of civility" back to the immigration debate. The senator quoted President Bush's recent call for the same thing.

"There are a lot of strong feelings about this debate from both sides," Nannis said. "The Senator has worked hard to help create a bipartisan solution here. As we approach the finish line, he didn't want a few hateful comments to ruin what has been a strong, bipartisan discussion."

Salazar doesn't get it. This is about race, not immigration. If it was about immigration, we'd have a FAR different discussion, border security, criminal gangs, all missing from the conversation we're having.

Civility? Does he not understand that Tancredo hates Mexicans? Has this eluded him? This is not about immigration, but getting rid of the brown people.

It would be nice to talk about immigration reform, but the GOP doesn't want that debate.

posted by Steve @ 12:17:00 AM

12:17:00 AM

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