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Friday, April 14, 2006

Rumsfeld is done

But I'm so clever

Bush can defend Rumsfeld all he wants, but the Army is demanding he be fired. Swannack and Baptiste are warfighters, not staff. They are saying that his decisions directly and negatively affected his actions.

The Bush lackies, Franks and Myers, are now leaping to defend their former boss, but the fact is that the politics here are being missed.

Liberals are leaping up and down because they're going after Rummy and Bush, and the conservatives are blindly defending him.

All missing the point.

Like the FEMA plans for refugee camps, they are preparing for disaster. Franks is useless, Myers tried to get a relative a job from the Bushies. These generals are preparing their defense for the coming disaster in Iraq. They want to lay the foundation for blaming the administration for the failures in Iraq.

This isn't selfless, they know what's coming in Iraq, and they want to save the Army from the political storm coming over the failure in Iraq.

The storyline they're pushing is that Rummy is the cause of the failure, don't blame us, we followed orders and had our ideas ignored.

The fact is that they want to save the instutituon, and this is round two. First was Jack Murtha, and he was semi-ignored. Then, it's the generals. I think active duty retirements and resignations are next. They are ratching up the pressure on Bush.

This is about saving the Army, not about opposing the war.

posted by Steve @ 6:34:00 PM

6:34:00 PM

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