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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Not again with this crap

A DFA/Pagan meeting

The Religious Left

It is fruitful and has multiplied.
By Steven Waldman
Posted Wednesday, April 5, 2006, at 12:41 PM ET

Lo and behold, there is a religious left. The Catholic Church is helping to lead the fight against immigration restrictions. A week doesn't seem to pass without some group convening a conference on religion and liberalism. Last year, Rev. Jim Wallis' progressive manifesto, God's Politics, became a best seller; now Jimmy Carter's book attacking the religious right is on the list.

According to research by professor John Green, white religious voters made up 21 percent of Kerry's tally, compared to 11 percent for Al Gore in 2000. If you add African-Americans and Latinos, who as a group are also very religious and liberal, the religious left amounted to about 40 percent of the Kerry vote. Not surprisingly, the religious lefties are seething over the religious right's political dominance. But they're also frustrated by their secular ideological comrades. The political left "often sees religion not merely as mistaken but as fundamentally irrational, and it gives the impression that one of the most important elements in the lives of ordinary Americans is actually deserving of ridicule," complains Rabbi Michael Lerner in his new book, The Left Hand of God. "The Left's hostility to religion is one of the main reasons people who otherwise might be involved with progressive politics get turned off."

Lo and behold, there's another dickhead claiming liberals aren't religious.

I'm tired of this guy and Amy Sullivan saying liberals aren't religious, and that the left is uncomfortable with religion.

First, Jesus doesn't have a big fan club on Wall Street, OK. There are plenty of conservatives who would only go to church for a wedding or a funeral, and are openly contemptuous of religion.

One day, God will smack these people on the head and explain to them much of the religious right is as racist as the day is long. Falwell and Robertson were segs back in the day. They are NOT going to vote Democratic because it is the party which gives money to lazy brown people. The Dems could recreate the Handmaids Tale, but as long as they are supported by minorities, they don't want to hear about it.

This bullshit about faith, and it is bullshit, makes it seem like the Dean brothers are pagans who hold ceremonies to Odin every week. Consertvatism, religion and race have long been allied. The rise and rapid fall of DC "Steve" Stevenson, who ran Indiana for the Klan had deep local church ties. The White Citizen's Councils were filled with ministers. In fact, the religious right and racial reactionaries have marched hand in hand.

Lerner is spouting crap, because he won't find one survey to back up his ridiculous statement. He won't find one survey, or even one essay in a serious liberal magazine to back that up. Some of the most progressive people come from a religious base, so where does this come from? Because we dislike the idea of theocracy and don't subscribe to blind faith.? Or we don't accept the fundamentalist ideas pushed by the right.

Every time this discussion comes up, a wingnut smiles.

posted by Steve @ 1:03:00 AM

1:03:00 AM

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